Air Canada Travel Voucher

An Easy-to-go Guide for Air Canada Travel Voucher

It is a well-known fact that the travel vouchers offered by Air Canada are one of the best compensations for its valuable passengers. It is also recognized as the award which Air Canada gives to its customers. Air Canada first introduced this amazing reward voucher on 18th May 2020. It is a special travel voucher offered to the customers who are eligible for certain criteria. In this holiday voucher, the passengers of Air Canada will get special rewards or compensations for the flight cancellation. Also, the main highlight of Air Canada Travel Voucher is that it is completely transferable. 

Air Canada Travel Voucher does not have an expiration date which means you can use it whenever you want. The valuable passengers of Air Canada can also use it multiple times until they have sufficient credit. Apart from these amazing features, you can also purchase flight tickets or buy any travel product with the help of this travel voucher under certain terms and conditions. 

The flight voucher of Air Canada provides the best service to the passengers who miss their flights due to some reasons. Also, to the passengers who have to cancel their flight due to some medical or personal reason, this voucher can help them in the best possible way. With the help of this travel voucher, the passengers of Air Canada never lose their money after cancellation.

As a passenger-focused airline company, Air Canada is always up to help its valuable passengers with the best possible solutions. If the passengers of Air Canada want to redeem their travel voucher, they can do it by connecting with its customer service. They can also redeem their vouchers via its official website. Then only have to log into their AEROPLAN account and follow the right process to redeem the travel voucher.

Types of Air Canada flight Voucher

Air Canada offers four different official voucher to its global passengers:

  • Air Canada Travel Voucher: The flight voucher of Air Canada is the most useful voucher which can be used multiple times and also doesn’t have an expiration date. With the help of this voucher, you can also buy the flight tickets of Air Canada and also book lavish accommodation facilities. For more details, you can connect with customer service.
  • Electronic Travel Voucher: The electronic travel voucher of Air Canada is used for the base fare whenever you purchase a new Air Canada flight ticket. The e-voucher is acceptable on Air Canada Express, Air Canada Rouge, and Air Canada itself. You can find this voucher on your registered email, which is identified by 13-digit numbers. 
  • ACCredit: Air Canada is always with its passengers to assist and provide the best solutions for their journey. With this ACCredit, one can buy different travel products and also book a new flight ticket.
  • eCoupons: The eCoupons offered by Air Canada include a 15-digit code with a 4-digit PIN. You can get the details from its official website. 

Terms and Conditions for Voucher

  • The flight voucher of Air Canada can be used by its passengers multiple times until it touches the credit limit.
  • You can redeem the travel voucher from its official website, or you can also take help from its customer service 24/7.
  • You can also use the Reuters Currency Calculator to calculate the exchange rates if a different currency applies.
  • Also, you cannot use these vouchers as a payment method. You can also only redeem it. 

How to Redeem Air Canada Travel Voucher ?

You can redeem Air Canada travel voucher with the help of its official website, or you can take help from its customer service. You can apply for these vouchers while paying for the flight ticket or the travel products. 

Terms and Conditions for Electronic Travel Voucher

  • You can only use the e-Voucher to cover the base fare of the new flight ticket.
  • You can find this voucher in your registered email. 

Method to redeem e-Voucher

There is no rocket science to redeem this e-Voucher. You can connect with its customer service or visit its official website to redeem this voucher. 

Validity of e-Voucher

You can find the details about the validity of the e-Voucher in the email. You can find the date mentioned about its expiration. 

How do I Choose my Seat after Booking a Flight?

Did you forget to choose your favorite seat on an Air Canada flight? Do you want to know the easy procedures to select your desired seat? If yes, then check out the methods mentioned below:

  • The best way to choose your seat after booking an Air Canada flight is with the help of its official website. For that, you need to open its website on your mobile or laptop. After that, you have to click on the “Manage My Booking” option. Here, you need to enter your ticket details to find your recent booking in which you want to choose your favorite seat. Open your ticket and then click on the “Seat Selection” option. Check the availability of your favorite seat, and then select the seat you want. Confirm your seat by paying for it.
  • Other than the official website, you can also use the customer service of Air Canada to choose your desired seat. For that, you need to dial its contact number and then press the ideal button to communicate with its executive. After that, you have to share your flight details and request a seat selection. It would be best if you also shared your seat selection preferences with its executive. Lastly, you need to complete the payment to confirm the booking of your seat.

Is Air Canada Preferred seating worth it?

Yes, the preferred seating of Air Canada is worth every penny. You will get the best travel experience along with a 100% comfortable journey with the Air Canada seating arrangement. With the help of preferred seating, you will get a seat on the exit row. 

Your seat may be on the first rows of the cabin class on Air Canada flights with this seating measure. To get more details on the Air Canada preferred seating, you can connect with its customer service or visit its official website.

How do I Get a free Upgrade on Air Canada?

Are you looking to get a free upgrade on Air Canada? Do you want to know how you can skip the unwanted charges? If yes, then here are the tips that you need to know:

  • To upgrade for free, you need to ask the ticket counter agent.
  • You can also get a free upgrade only if you book from the travel agent.
  • For a free upgrade on Air Canada, you can do an early check-in.
  • If you bumped out of the overbooked Air Canada flight, you would also get a free upgrade.
  • You should consult the flight attendant to get a free upgrade. But this will only happen if there is any seat available on the Air Canada flight.
  • Use the frequent flyer program.

Get further details about the free upgrade on Air Canada with the help of its customer service.

Does Air Canada upgrade Passengers?

Yes, Air Canada also does upgrade passengers. For that, you need to share your booking details with its customer service live representative, and you have to raise a request for the up-gradation. 

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