How to Select a Seat on Air France Flight?

Air France Seat Selection Options

Air France has a variety of seat selection options that can help you sit and fly comfortably to your desired destination. Whether it is for international or domestic destinations, you will get the advantages of Air France seat selection options. Most importantly, you will find a budget-friendly choice of seats with Air France.

With the user-friendly assignment process, Air France also lets their passengers upgrade and change their seat options. Its seat selection policy also makes you familiar with the seating options, which will lead you to the easy selection procedure.

Air France Seat Selection Policy

Before getting the choice of seat, you must know about the Air France Seat Assignment policy. It will help you get your hands on the best front seats. You can find the essential terms listed below:

  • According to the Air France Seat Selection Policy, choose your preferred seat on Air France during the online check-in.
  • Also, you can choose your desired seat at the airport during the time of check-in.
  • Air France also lets you select a seat within 24 hours to 4 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure.

Air France Flight Seat Selection

You can easily choose your desired seat by opting for the Air France pre-seating option. With this amazing option, you can choose your seat position in advance. You can also use the main site of Air France to select the middle seat or preferred aisle.

Online Booking Method

  • Firstly, open your default browser and visit the official website of Air France.
  • Secondly, log into your account.
  • Afterward, you need to navigate the “My Bookings” option.
  • Here, you have to enter your “Booking Reference Number” and “Last Name.”
  • After that, follow the on-screen steps and tap the “Air France Choose Seat” icon.
  • Choose your desired seat based on seat availability.
  • Pay for the seat selection based on your Air France economy seat selection or Premium Economy seats selection.
  • Confirm the new seat and print your boarding pass.

Via Phone Call Booking

  • Dial Air France toll-free telephone number 800-237-2747 or +1-860-590-8822 to start the seat selection procedure.
  • Follow the IVR instructions carefully.
  • Press the right key to connect with Air France customer service instantly.
  • After that, provide your seat preference to the representative.
  • Request for the seat selection and complete the payment, if needed.

Air France Seat Reservation Options

Air France Seat Assignment Options have several varieties that can provide you with a wide range of options to have a comfortable flight to your desired destination. Also, the seat option varies depending on the flight distance, domestic and international. So, if you are willing to know the main seating options offered, then look at the information added below:

  • Economy Seats

These are the cheapest seats available on the Air France seat selection option, also for international flights. Per the Air France seat reservation policy, you can take one checked luggage without paying any extra costs. You can get adjustable seats along with inclined headrests. Here, you will find charging outlets and USB ports as well.

  • Premium Economy Seats

If you book the Air France premium economy seats, you can take 2 baggage items along with the 2 hand luggage bags. With the premium economy seat selection, you can take advantage of priority boarding and lounge service. You can find headsets, USB ports, personal touchscreen tablets, and reading lamps.

  • Business Class Seats

This is the most luxurious seating option on Air France. In this special seat option, you will get the best and improved facilities that can improve your experience to the highest level. This seating option comes with excellent lounge services with drinks and snacks.

You will get a personal cabin and customized facilities. Your seat will be equipped with restaurant tables, desks, and entertainment services. You can have exotic recipes and intercontinental cuisines.

La Premiere or First Class Seats

First Class or La Premiere are referred to as the most costly seats on Air France. Per the Air France Seat Assignment Policy, it has spa facilities, superior lounge services, and beauty treatments. Several exceptional facilities include private beds, personal space, cuisines, and TV shows.

Air France Seat Selection Fees

Are you looking for the answer, how much does it cost for Air France seat selection? If yes, then below is the info which will guide you:

  • Firstly, Air France Fee for seat assignment is $20 to $35.
  • Also, the seat assignment fee depends on the travel class and destination.
  • Moreover, you should speak to a live person at Air France to get your trip’s exact seat assignment fee.

Air France seat selection FAQs

Can I choose my seat on Air France?
You can choose your seat on Air France in advance.
How do I choose my seat after booking an Air France flight?
To choose your seat after booking an Air France flight, go to “Manage Booking,” Tap the view the seat map, and then pick your preferred seat.
Which seat is best in Air France Economy Class?
The best seats in Air France Economy Class are 777-200ER (3-class) and 777-300ER (4-class)
What are the different seat classes on Air France?
The best seat classes on Air France are La Première, Business, Premium Economy, and Economy.
How to get a free seat upgrade on Air France?
Call Air France toll-free telephone number,800-237-2747 or +1-860-590-8822, to get a free seat upgrade on Air France.
What are economy seats like on Air France?
Passengers will get a 43 cm wide seat, 79 cm of legroom, and a 119-degree seat recline in the Air France Economy Seats.
Do economy seats recline on Air France?
Yes, Economy seats recline on Air France like other seats in its travel class.
What is the difference between Economy and premium economy seats on Air France?
You will get more space in the Premium Economy seat as compared to the Economy cabin.
Are Air France duo seats worth it?
Air France’s cozy duo seat arrangement is definitely worth every penny, as you will get 32-inch legroom and adjustable headrests.
How much does upgrading from Economy to Premium Economy Air France cost?
You need to pay between 10,000 and 30,000 miles to upgrade from Economy to Premium Economy Air France.
How much does it cost to upgrade seats on Air France?
To upgrade with cash, you need to pay between $250 and $500 to upgrade seats on Air France.
Are Air France Premium Economy seats comfortable?
Air France Premium Economy seats are comfortable, and it offers much more room as compared to the traditional Economy Class.
What size seats are on the Air France Economy?
The seat sizes of Air France Economy are from 40 to 45 cm (16-17 inches).
Does Air France Premium Economy have bigger seats?
Air France Premium Economy has bigger seats with a seat recline of 130°, 2.5 cm wider, more legroom, and an adjustable footrest.
Can economy class use the lounge Air France?
Passengers traveling in Economy and/or Flying Blue Silver, Premium Economy, or Explorer members can use lounge Air France.
Does Air France let you bid to upgrade?
No, Air France allows fixed-price seat upgrades by using cash or/and miles.
Are Air France seats comfortable?
Air France seats are comfortable enough to have a pleasant travel.
Does Air France Premium Economy have bigger seats?
Air France Premium Economy has bigger seats with a seat recline of 130°, 2.5 cm wider, more legroom, and an adjustable footrest.
What are the seats like on Air France Premium Economy?
Air France Premium Economy includes a 2x4x2 or 2x3x2 configuration and 38 inches of pitch.
What are the new economy seats on Air France?
There are 273 new economy seats on Air France.
Do standard seats on Air France recline?
Yes, standard seats on Air France recline 119 degrees.
What are the new economy seats on Air France?
There are 273 new economy seats on Air France.

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