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American Airlines Name Change/Name Correction

There are times when you plan a vacation and, out of excitement, enter the ticket incorrectly. Now, since every airline requires your identity proof, the name has to match with the one on the Id. This is why America Airlines offers its passengers a chance to make an American Airlines Name Change. 

American Airlines is a major air carrier of the country, and it flies millions of travelers every year globally. It currently provides its comfortable journeys in a total of 325 destinations. People make travel plans with AA because of the amazing facilities it offers. 

One such facility is changing the name of an existing ticket. The service is available on the official website of the airline and can also be availed of under the assistance of the airline’s experts. 

How to Change the Name on American Airlines Ticket?

Like we mentioned before,  American Airlines name correction can be done online as well as offline. To do it by yourself, you need to follow a few steps. We have jotted down the guide below for you. 

Go along these points one by one, and you will have a ticket with your correct name within a few minutes. 

  • To initiate the process, open the official website of the airline.
  • Next, head to the “My Trips” option available on the title bar of the site. 
  • Put in your booking details. You will require the first and last name you booked the ticket with and the reference number of the same. 
  • Hit on the find reservation button, and your booking will appear on your screen. 
  • Now, select the ticket you want to name the name correction, enter the correct name, and click on confirm. 
  • The airline will update the changes and will send you a confirmation mail too. 

Make sure you enter the right name this time since the airline does not make corrections repeatedly.

American Airlines Name Change Policy

American Airlines does not allow passengers to transfer a pre-booked flight ticket to a new person. Therefore, you can’t entirely change the name on the ticket. Along with that, there are a few more conditions that the airline applies to this service. All these are mentioned under the American Airlines name correction policy. 

This is what the policy states:

  • Any passenger can make a small error correction on his flight ticket. The airline does not allow a complete change in the first name. 
  • You can change your last name entirely only in a situation where you get married or have a divorce after making the bookings. 
  • The airline will require document proof in either of the two above-mentioned possibilities. 
  • Anyone who is using American Airlines change the name on a ticket service to make a minor correction will not have to pay any charges. 
  • A major name change will cost you an additional USD 25 as processing charges. Along with that, you will have to pay a correction fee of $200 on domestic flight bookings and $700 on international tickets. 

The airline understands that times might come when such corrections are required and hence offer its travelers a chance to do so. 

Types of American Airlines Name Corrections

If you want to change name on the American Airlines ticket, you ought to be aware of the types of amendments AA lets people do. It does not let people change the entire name and let someone else fly on the same ticket. 

You can make two types of amendments to an existing booking

Minor Corrections

This is a type of correction where you can rectify a spelling mistake on your ticket. The airline lets people avail of this service for free.

Major Corrections

Major correction includes changing the last anime on the ticket entirely. This can happen because of marriage or divorce. You will have to provide proof of the event to make this change. Additionally, the airline will charge an additional fee to make major corrections


We have discussed the process and American Airlines name change policy above for a better understanding of our readers. If you require any further help, you can contact us at our customer service contact number and we will provide you with the answers to your queries. 

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