Emirates Airlines Seat Selection Policy

How to Change or Select Seat on Emirates Airlines Flight?

Have you skipped the seat selection while making a flight reservation for your flight with Emirates? If so, do not worry, as it is very easy to choose a seat through the process of Emirates seat selection. Besides, the airline offers luxurious flight services for the ease of its passengers, along with seat selection at reasonable prices. Similarly, it is popular as the largest airline in the globe and was established on 25th March 1985. Moreover, passengers have three chances to make a seat selection process till check-in.

Guidelines of the Emirates Seat Selection Policy

Below are the guidelines of the Emirates seat selection policy. Read all the following points carefully.

    • First, the seat assignment policy of Emirates enables you to select your seats with ease from the various available seat options.
    • Besides, passengers can choose their seats as per their requirements if they wish to select a window, aisle seat, or extra legroom seat.
    • Similarly, passengers will get the benefit of flying with their desired seat by choosing their seat as per the seat selection policy.
    • In addition, the seats can be selected even after the reservation through Manage Booking, while check-in starts, or through Emirates mobile app.
    • Moreover, you are free to select the seats for unaccompanied minnows for free, or they will be automatically assigned by the airline.
    • Additionally, the Emirates seat selection is free when you book your seats on Economy Flex Plus, Economy Flex, Premium Economy, Economy Saver, First Class, or Business Class.
    • Likewise, the seat selection fee on Emirates depends on the type of class you are booking with.
    • On the other hand, Emirates seat selection is free online 48 hours prior to the departure or if you have boughed the tickets for flex and flex plus fare type.

Types of Seats for Emirates Seat Selection

Emirates Airways has designed its seats by keeping in mind the needs & requirements of the passengers. However, the airline offers three types of cabins for the convenience of its passengers. Therefore, passengers can choose their seats as per their requirements.

Economy Flex

This cabin offers the Regular seat type for seat selection.

  • No Complimentary food.
  • Usual food menu
  • High-class legroom space

Economy Flex Plus

Preferred seat options are provided by this cabin class.

  • Get seating arrangements with privacy.
  • View the seat map to make an Emirates seat selection in front of the A380 Aircarft.
  • Enjoy priority to get off the plane first once you arrive at your destination.
  • Obtain a common meal with no complimentary beverages.

Economy Special

This cabin enables you to book two seats for more comfort and privacy.

  • Acquire a complimentary meal.
  • Allow Emirates seat selection on Boeing 777-3000 er and Boeing 777-200lr by viewing the seat map.
  • Moreover, select seats on the backend of Boeing 777 flights, and some seats can be reserved on A 380 with the help of the seat map.

Economy Saver

With this, you can book the extra legroom seats.

  • Get complimentary meals without complimentary drinks.
  • Sit on the exit row on the plane.
    Enjoy the additional legroom of six inches.

Premium Economy

This cabin offers various perks during the, as mentioned below:

  • Enjoy a leg rest with cushions.
  • Get recliner seats for comfort.
  • Obtain a wide menu for fresh meals.
  • The most expensive option in the economy class.
  • Also, an adjustable headrest is available.

Business/ First-Class Seat

  • Acquire the fully reclining seats
  • Get luxurious seating arrangements with wide seats.
  • Also, enjoy various cuisines.
  • Complimentary beverages.
  • And endless in-flight entertainment options along with a wide variety of channels.

How to Select Seat on Emirates Flights?

Do you want to use the Emirates Airlines Seat Selection feature? Are you willing to learn the best ways to get your seats on Emirates Airlines? Well, if that is what you are looking for, then look at the info given below:

  • Online Procedure to Select a Seat,
  • You need to initiate the process by opening its official website.
  • Secondly, enter your login details and sign in to your account.
  • After that, you have to select the ideal Emirates Airlines flight and fill in all the required info.
  • Next, you need to look at the seats available and choose your favorite chair.
  • You have to pay for the booking to confirm your seat selection procedure.

Offline Procedure to Select a Seat,

  • Firstly, you have to dial the ideal Emirates Airlines customer service phone number 091670 03333 or +1-860-590-8822 to contact a live representative.
  • Secondly, you will hear the automated on-call voice menu.
  • Please choose the right option and press the key to connect with its executive.
  • After you get linked with its customer service live person, you must request a booking.
  • Provide the needed info and share your seat preference with its customer service executive.
  • Now, pick the payment mode and pay for the reservation to confirm your seat.

Choose your Seat on Emirates Airlines After Booking

Are you thinking about whether or not you can get a seat after booking on Emirates Airlines? Do you wish to know whether you can apply the Emirates Seat Assignment method after booking? Well, if yes, then you should look at the information mentioned below:

Online Procedure to Select a Seat,

  • If you want to select a seat in Emirates Airlines after booking via an online method, you need to reach out to its official site.
  • Secondly, you need to sign in to your registered account.
  • After that, you have to explore the “Manage Booking” page.
  • Here, you need to enter your ticket info and find your booking.
  • Edit your ticket and then choose your desired seat.
  • In the end, you need to pay for the seat.

Offline Procedure to Select a Seat,

  • Start the procedure by dialing the Emirates Airlines customer service contact number 091670 03333 or +1-860-590-8822 to connect with its live executive.
  • Secondly, you need to follow the automated voice menu.
  • Now, you will get linked to its live representative.
  • Next, share your ticket info and provide your seat preference.
    Pick your payment mode and pay for the seat after the reservation.

How Much does Emirates Seat Selection Cost?

Are you willing to know Emirates Airlines Seat Selection Fee? Do you wish to get the cost numbers? Well, if yes, then carefully look at the info listed below:

  • If you are in Emirates Airlines regular seat, you need to spend USD 15 to USD 35.
  • You need to pay USD 25 to USD 80 for a preferred seat on Emirates Airlines.
  • If you want a seat with extra legroom, you need to pay USD 55 to USD 205.
  • But, if you have made an Emirates flight booking for a Twin seat, you need to pay USD 35 to USD 125.

Seat Selection Fees

We’ll automatically allocate you a seat selection free of charge if you have specific needs, for example, if you’re traveling with an infant or if you have medical requirements.

In Economy Class, it may be free to choose your seat in advance, or there could be an extra charge depending on the fare type or your Emirates Skywards membership tier.

Book ahead to secure your favorite spot, or select a Regular, Preferred or Twin seat for free when online check‑in opens 48 hours before your flight.

Fare type Regular Preferred Twin Extra Legroom
Economy Special Paid Paid Paid Paid
Economy Saver Paid Paid Paid Paid
Economy Flex Complimentary Paid Paid Paid
Economy Flex Plus Complimentary Complimentary* Paid Paid

These are the indicative prices ranges for Economy Class seat selection. The seat selection fees vary according to the season, route, and destination.

Seat type Fees in USD
Regular Between 15 and 40
Twin 35–135
Preferred Between 25 and 100
Extra Legroom Between 55 and 250

Children (aged 2‑12 years) traveling with adults are entitled to a 50% discount on regular and preferred seats.

Economy Class Seat Selection For Emirates Skywards members

Enjoy more benefits as a member of our Emirates Skywards and Skysurfers loyalty programs or as a Qantas Frequent Flyer.

Emirates Skywards Members

Emirates Skywards tier Regular Preferred Twin Extra Legroom
Platinum: Complimentary Complimentary Complimentary Complimentary
Platinum (accompanying passengers): Complimentary Complimentary Complimentary Paid
Gold (and accompanying passengers): Complimentary Complimentary Paid Paid
Silver: Complimentary Paid Paid Paid
Silver (accompanying passengers): Paid Paid Paid Paid
Blue: Paid Paid Paid Paid

Qantas Frequent Flyer members

Qantas Frequent Flyer tier Regular Preferred Twin Extra Legroom
Chairman’s Lounge member (and accompanying passengers): Complimentary Complimentary Complimentary Paid
Gold, Platinum and Platinum One (and accompanying passengers): Complimentary Complimentary Paid Paid
Silver: Complimentary Paid Paid Paid
Silver (accompanying passengers): Paid Paid Paid Paid
Bronze (and accompanying passengers): Paid Paid Paid Paid

How Can I Change Seats on Emirates Airlines?

Are you planning to change your seats on Emirates Airlines? If yes, then carefully look at the working procedures given below:

  • Let’s open the official website of Emirates Airlines.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Visit the “check-in” tab.
  • Now, enter your Emirates Airlines flight booking details along with your name.
  • Now, click on your booking.
  • Find and press the “change seat” icon.
  • Check the seat list carefully and select a new seat for your journey.
  • Save your recent change.
  • Pay for the seat change.

You will get an email or SMS from Emirates Airlines about completing your seat change. You can also get help via its live representative by dialing the ideal Emirates Airlines customer service contact number 091670 03333 or +1-860-590-8822.

People Asked Questions:-

Q. How do I choose my seat on Emirates?

Passengers can choose their seats on Emirates, whether it is a window seat, aisle seat, or additional legroom. Simply book your favorite seat while booking your flights through the Manage Booking option. Also, you can select a seat when you check in online or on the Emirates App.

Q. When can I select my seat on Emirates for free?

You can select your seat in First Class when you fly on a Business class Saver, Flex Plus Fare, or Fles, and when you travel in Premium Economy. However, passengers with special business fares are allowed to choose a complimentary seat when check-in begins 48 hours prior to the takeoff.

Q. Will Emirates seat you together?

Emirates always tries to seat families together, but the airline is not able to do this due to seat availability and the specific seat requirements of the passenger. Besides, the children below 13 will get a seat with an accompanying adult.

Q. Can economy class choose seats?

If you are holding the Basic Economy flight ticket, then you can buy a seat assignment during the booking and until check-in opens.

Q. Why can’t I choose my seat on Emirates?

Travelers can only pre-book their seats when the complete balance of their trip has been paid.

Q. Can I select a seat in Emirates after booking?

You are permitted to reserve your desired seat at the same time through Manage your booking. In addition, you can select your seat when you check in online or use the Emirates mobile app.

Q. Do Emirates auto-assign seats?

Yes, when the passenger has specific needs, the airline will automatically assign you a seat selection for free. For example: if you are flying with an infant or have any medical requirements.

Q. How do I choose my seat after booking a flight?

Once you complete the process of your flight reservation, you must click on the view of the seat map and make your pick. Besides, if you book your seats with your family or friends, the airline may assign all the seats together automatically.

Q. How much is a seat selection fee?

Emirates Airways charges a nominal fee for travelers to select a seat as per their requirements. Additionally, the charges are around $10 – $30 per seat per flight segment.

Q. Are Emirates seats bigger?

Yes, if you book Premium Economy seats, it will facilitate you with the wider seats along with the additional legroom, which is placed in a 2-4-2 layout. So, if you wish to enjoy the sider seats or you will have a long journey, you must book the Emirates Premium Economy seats.

Q. Who can sit in the Emirates lounge?

Passengers who are flying in First Class or Business class get Emirates lounge access. Similarly, if you are a member of Emirates Skywards Gold and flying in the Economy seats, then also you can enjoy access to the Business class lounges.

Q. What happens if you don’t select seats on a flight?

Travelers can skip the Emirates seat selection to save money but remember that skipping the seat selection doesn’t mean you won’t acquire a seat on the plane. Moreover, you might get stuck in the middle row when you do not pay for your seat.

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