How Many Miles do I Need to Qualify for a Free Delta Flight?

How many Delta SkyMiles do you need for a Free Flight?

Who doesn’t like free snacks, free food, and a free flight? But for air travel getting a free ticket seems quite impossible. But not with Delta Airlines. If you are a frequent flyer on Delta, you can qualify for a no-cash flight with your Skymiles balance. Now, the question arises, how many delta miles for a free flight? Some terms and conditions restrict or fixate only eligible passengers to take a free flight, and the minimum requirement starts at 6500 miles for one-way. Let us find out more about the no-cash air ticket bookings on Delta Airlines.

Qualifying For a Free Delta Flight – Important Highlights

  • Delta has over one thousand destinations on its list, and the Skymiles benefit is free to join. Once you have enough miles in your account, you qualify for the free tickets.
  • If you keep track of miles with a delta miles calculator, you can count your miles beforehand. Usually, one dollar spent on Delta equals 3 Miles.
  • A trip within the USA can cost you just 6500 Delta Miles for one-way tickets and 9000 miles if you want a round trip. The total amount varies depending on your qualifying status.
  • You usually get the super low miles charge when you book flights far in advance.
  • Make sure you are ahead of your schedule and ready to alter the travel dates a bit to get the best deals in miles and a free Delta flight booking.

How to Book a No-cash Flight With Delta Miles?

A free flight is totally no-cash as it will cost you only your miles balance in the Delta SkyMiles account. If you want to book a free flight using the miles, you can simply follow these steps:

  • Grind the web to search for Delta Airlines’ official site.
  • Enter the Book a Flight section on the homepage.
  • Select all the preferred travel details, including fare class.
  • Now, to use only Miles, check the box in front of the “Shop with miles” option.
  • Then, search for available flights.
  • The new page will display flight fares in Miles, and you can follow the screen prompts to confirm a flight booking.
  • Your payment mode will be Miles unless you change it under the payment methods screen.

You can even purchase a Delta Credit Card, and you can earn more options on free flights for you and even one of your loved ones.

Here Are Some Examples For Using Miles And Getting a Free Delta flight:

If you are still wondering how many delta miles for a free flight, domestic or international, we have some examples for you. The below table suggests a clear idea of how many miles you will need to book a flight without any cash(for free).


Miles for Basic Economy flights

Main Cabin Flight Miles

Premium Cabin Flight Miles

North America (US & Canada) 4500 5000 11,500
The Caribbean 5000 8500 21,000
South America(North region) NA 5,000 18,000
Mexico & Central America 5000 8500 21K
South America(south region) Not Offered 25,000 95,000
North Africa NA 37500 85,000
Europe Currently not available 35,000 120,000
South Africa Not Offered 50,000 115,000
The Middle East NA 37,500 85,000
Southeast Asia NA 62,000 165,000
Indian Subcontinent Not Offered 45,000 120,000
North Asia Unavailable At This Time 50,000 120,000

In short, passengers can explore their favorite destinations, and they do not even have to burden their pockets. The Delta Skymiles balance, which is offered to them as a reward, can offer them this benefit.

Can I use my Skymiles Balance to book a free flight for others?

Yes, the perk of free flights on Delta Airlines is available to everyone. However, if a passenger wants to book flights for someone else using only miles balance, he must book from his own account.

This way, a passenger can use the Delta Skymiles balance to book not one but many tickets for others using his Skymiles account. To know additional details on using Delta Skymiles balance for booking, connect to an expert associated with your Skymiles queries.

In Conclusion,

For every dollar you spend, you earn miles that qualify you to buy a flight without even spending a penny. You may have to pay the taxes, but that’s it. So, you must be clear by now about how many delta miles for a free flight? are needed. To get insights on free flight booking, contact someone through DeltaSkymiles phone number and get the necessary response.

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