JetBlue Mint Upgrade

JetBlue Mint Upgrade – Ultimate Guide to Upgrade to Mint Cabin Class

Do you know about the mint cabin and are willing to travel in the lavish cabin to your dream destination? If not, this blog will indeed help you with the best info. Here, you will also learn How to get upgrade to JetBlue mint? Be with this blog till the end to get all the needed details.

JetBlue Airways consists of a special kind of travel class that offers world-class and lavish facilities to its passengers. In this travel class, you will find all sorts of amazing facilities which can make your travel super comfortable & luxurious.

JetBlue Airways is famous for its in-budget airline facilities, the prime low-cost airline company in America, which improves your travel experience. Being established in August 1998, JetBlue Airways serves its 104 destinations with the help of its 284 airlines.

Now, if you have booked the flight ticket of JetBlue Airlines, but at this moment, you want to upgrade, then you need to look at the important information mentioned below.

How to Upgrade to Mint on JetBlue?

Did you purchase the flight ticket from JetBlue Airways and are now looking to customize to JetBlue Mint. Because of that, you are looking to get complete information on How to upgrade to mint JetBlue? Well, if that is so, then pay attention to the below-listed methods:

JetBlue Mint Upgrade Via Online Method,

  • Firstly, you need to dial the JetBlue Airways official website.
  • Secondly, fill in your login details to sign in to your account successfully.
  • Afterward, you need to retrieve your ticket details and then check the availability of “Mint Upgrade.”
  • Select the payment mode and pay for the mint upgrade.
  • After that, you will get a confirmation from JetBlue Airways in your email about the confirmation of your upgrade.
  • Next, complete the check-in process and choose your seats.
  • Lastly, generate your boarding pass to complete the entire procedure.

JetBlue Mint Upgrade Via Offline Method,

  • To start the offline mint upgrade procedure, you need first to dial the ideal JetBlue Mint Upgrade phone number 800-538-2583 to connect with its customer service.
  • Secondly, you have to pay attention to the computerized IVR menu.
  • Afterward, follow the menu and press the right button to connect with its live person.
  • Once the live person of JetBlue Airways joins with you, you need to share your booking details and request for the JetBlue mint upgrade.
  • The customer service agent of JetBlue will do the rest procedure.

You will get all the information about completing your mint customize via email or SMS. 

JetBlue Mint Upgrade at the Gate,

  • Yes, you can also upgrade to mint JetBlue at the gate. 
  • But, this will only happen with the availability of seats.
  • You can do this while check-in.
  • Sometimes, it may charge you, and sometimes not. (Contact JetBlue agent to know more)
  • If you own a True Blue membership of JetBlue Airways, you can customize your cabin class into mint with the first priority. 

Available Travel Routes for JetBlue Mint Upgrade Passengers 

If you have upgraded your JetBlue existing travel class into mint, then you must want to know about the travel routes where you can travel. Well, if that is what you want, then look at the table mentioned below:

Non-stop Domestic JetBlue flights upgrade to Mint business class,

San Diego  Boston and New York (JFK)
Seattle New York (JFK)
Las Vegas New York (JFK) and Boston
San Francisco Boston, New York (JFK), Fort Lauderdale and Miami 
Los Angeles Fort Lauderdale, New York (JFK), and Miami 

Nonstop international JetBlue flights upgrade to Mint business class,

New York (JFK) Sint Maarten, Saint Lucia, Aruba, Saint Thomas, Bridgetown, London-Heathrow (LHR), Liberia, London-Gatwick (LGW) and Granada.
Newark Bridgetown, Aruba, Sint Maarten, Liberia, Saint Lucia and Saint Thomas
Boston Liberia, Granada, Sint Maarten, Saint Thomas, Bridgetown and Saint Lucia.
Los Angeles Liberia

These are the destinations and routes for where you can travel after upgrading your travel class into Mint travel class. You can speak to its live person for any more info any time you want. 

What is the Cost for a JetBlue Upgrade to Mint by Miles?

Do you wish to customize your mint by miles? If yes, then you will indeed be looking to know about What is the cost for a JetBlue upgrade to mint by miles? Well, here is the needed help:

Note: You can also use Emirates’ frequent flyer program (Skywards) to upgrade to JetBlue Mint by miles

One-way Distance (in miles) JetBlue Economy Cost With Emirates Miles  JetBlue Mint Cost With Emirates Miles
3,001 – 4,000 32000 64000
4,001 – 5,000 38000 76000
5,001 – 6,000 44000 88000
251 – 500 10000 20000
6,001 – 7,000 50000 100000
7,001 – 15,000 60000 120000
0 – 250 8000 16000
501 – 1,000 14000 28000
2,001 – 3,000 26000 52000
1,001 – 2,000 20000 40000

Check this table carefully and get all the needed help related to the use of the miles for the JetBlue mint upgrade.

How Much do I Need to Spend to Purchase TrueBlue Points?

If you are eagerly seeking to purchase TrueBlue points, then here is the table that can help you get the needed information:

Money Points
600 USD 58,900 points
550 USD 53,900 points
500 USD 49,000 points
450 USD 44,000 points

You can spend USD 450 to USD 600 to buy 44000 points to 58900 points. To get further information related to the customize your seat, you need to dial the JetBlue Mint Upgrade phone number 800-538-2583 and speak to its live agent.

JetBlue Mind Cabin Class

If you want to upgrade to JetBlue Mint, you will get a world-class flying experience. The most amazing thing about it is that you will enjoy a spacious and comfortable area where you can sit and sleep throughout your trip.

Here are some of the best features that you need to know:

JetBlue Throne Suites

When the passengers of JetBlue Airways upgrade their booking via Mint upgrade, they will experience the spacious and comfortable 16 seats, divided into three rows of two-two seats and two different rows of one-one throne suites.

  • Moving towards the throne suites, which you can find in the two, and four rows, consists of sliding doors and are best for solo travellers. 
  • The foot space in the throne suites is less than the two seats in the rows. But these seats convert into flat beds that can help you to have a great sleep while flying with JetBlue Airways.
  • If you are not travelling with your partner, then two seats help you in getting complete privacy. These seats include a touch screen TV, wifi connectivity, auto-massage function, power outlets, and headphones. 

JetBlue Mint Suites

In these premium suites of JetBlue Airways, you will get a sliding door that provides you full privacy, a flat seat that turns into a bed with foam cushions, a blanket, and a foam pillow.

In these suites, you will also get a 22-inch LED screen to take care of your entertainment. You will also find spacious legroom with windows in these two mint studios. 

If you upgrade for the London-based JetBlue flight via JetBlue Mint, you must pay USD 129, and for the Los Angeles-based JetBlue flight upgrade, you must spend USD 199. 

JetBlue Mint Upgrade With Reward Points

Are you among the passengers who are looking to make JetBlue upgrade with reward points? If yes, then here is some of the info that you need to keep in mind:

  • Pay with other credit card points
  • Emirates Skywards Miles
  • JetBlue TrueBlue

JetBlue Mint Upgrade Fee

If you are willing to make JetBlue Mint Upgrade, then you need to pay some nominal fees based on your travel class. Below is the list which will explain it in the best possible way:

 Travel class True Blue Members Non-True Blue Members
Economy Class to JetBlue Mint 1 cent per km + 250 USD change fee 250 USD upgrade fee + fare difference
JetBlue Mosaic Upgrade to Mint 1 cent per km + 200 USD change fee 200 USD upgrade fee + fare difference

JetBlue Mint Experience at the Airport

 Do you wish to know about the JetBlue Mint Experience at the Airport? If yes, then below are the details that you need to keep in mind:


 The difference between JetBlue Mint and JetBlue First Class on domestic flights is access to the lounge. Jetblue Airways does not offer any lounge service, so mint is the only way to access the lounge, like American Express Centurion Lounge or Priority Pass.


 JetBlue offers Mint/Mosaic check-in lines if you already have mint access. The dedicated check-in line is only for Mosaic members.

 Baggage Allowance

 With the mint fare, you will benefit from two checked bags up to 31 kgs. You can take one large carry-on and one personal item on your JetBlue flight.

 JetBlue Mint Experience in the Air

 If you have JetBlue Mint status, then there are some of the best experiences you will get in the air. Below are the details which you need to know:


  •  A321

JetBlue A321 has 16 standard Mint seats, which are situated in a pattern of 2-1-2-1-2. The seat has 6’8″ of space that makes you enjoy your travel. You will also get a 15″ screen and all the other facilities to improve your flying experience.

  •  A321neo

 JetBlue A321 offers 16 lie-flat seats with personal Mint Suite seats that also have personal doors. The seat has 6’8″ of space that makes you enjoy your travel. You will also get a 17.1″ screen and all the other facilities to improve your flying experience.

  •  A321LR

 JetBlue A321LR offers 16 lie-flat seats with personal Mint Suite seats that also have personal doors. The seat has 6’8″ of space that makes you enjoy your travel. You will also get a 17.1″ screen and all the other facilities to improve your flying experience.

 Benefits of JetBlue Mint

 Are you looking to know about the benefits of JetBlue Mint? If yes, then look at the information mentioned below carefully:

  • JetBlue Mint passengers will get priority boarding and get beverage service as well.
  • After the plane reaches 10000 feet, passengers will get a welcome snack from JetBlue.
  • Passengers will also get soft-comfy pillows along with a blanket.

 Meals in JetBlue

  •  JetBlue also offers the best food, meals, and beverages with Mint Class.
  • JetBlue offers the best hospitality to its passengers.
  • You will get salted yogurt with raspberry jam; avocado toast; a poached egg with lobster over fried rice; chilled poached pears with tarragon; and banana bread pudding with creme anglaise.

 Alcohol in JetBlue

  •  Flying in Mint Class offers zero-proof mocktails, espresso drinks, wine, beer, and alcoholic cocktails.
  • You can five different wines in Mint Class, like an Italian and a California red, a French champagne, and an Italian and a French white.

 JetBlue Mint vs Economy 

 JetBlue offers in-built entertainment screens where you can watch your favourite shows and listen to music. Coaches also include more legroom with full comfort. Here, you will get complimentary meals, soft drinks, and alcohol.

 How much does it cost for a JetBlue Mint ticket? 

 If you are willing to find out the cost of a JetBlue Mint ticket, then below are the details that you must keep in mind:

  • From Los Angeles to New York or Boston, pay $1,600
  • To London, pay $3,000-$4,000.
  • You can pay fares as low as $800 cross country.
  • To London, pay $2200.

 How can you upgrade to JetBlue Mint for free?

 JetBlue Airways doesn’t provide complimentary Mint upgrades to common passengers or Mosaic passengers. If you are among the passengers who qualify for Mosaic+, get four same-day Mint Upgrades in a year.


JetBlue Mint Upgrade is amazing for every passenger, but it also costs you some money and miles. This specific upgrade is for the passengers who have a low-cost flight ticket and looking to upgrade their seats. It will help the passengers to make the last-minute upgrade.

JetBlue Mint Upgrade FAQs

Does JetBlue give free upgrades to mint?
No, JetBlue does not give free upgrades to mint. It doesn’t offer miles-based upgrades to JetBlue Mint seats.
How much does it cost to upgrade to mint JetBlue?
1 cent per km + 250 USD change fee, and 1 cent per km + 200 USD change fee depends on the travel class.
Can you upgrade to JetBlue Mint after booking?
After booking, you need to call JetBlue customer service for the upgrade to JetBlue Mint.
Why can’t I upgrade to Mint JetBlue?
JetBlue Mint is an option for different cross-country international and domestic flights.
Is it worth it to upgrade to JetBlue?
It is completely your personal preference because it’s up to you whether you want an Even More Space seat for business travel or not.
What is the best seat in JetBlue Mint?
Four’ throne seats’ are the best seats on JetBlue Mint.
Are drinks free on JetBlue Mint?
JetBlue Mint offers free facilities like brand-name snacks + drinks.
How do I upgrade from blue to mint JetBlue?
You can upgrade from blue to mint JetBlue by purchasing upgrades through your credit card.

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