JetBlue Seat Selection

JetBlue Seat Selection Policy

Have you completed your JetBlue bookings but now regret your choice of seats? Or you might plan to book the best seats on JetBlue but need to learn about the benefits of each fare type. No need to stress. All airlines require passengers to follow certain conditions to ensure smooth operations, and JetBlue is no exception. You need to know the JetBlue seat selection policy to acquire the flexibility to modify bookings within certain limitations.

JetBlue is a dedicated Airline with the main motive to provide passengers with on-time and easy to go services. So, if you wish to travel on the seat of your choice on JetBlue flights, then stay on the page and read the concise information.

JetBlue Seat Selection: Terms and conditions

Following are the Terms and conditions following which you can check the eligibility and limitations for JetBlue Seat selection criteria:

  • JetBlue Blue Basic passengers are entitled to select the seats prior to 24 hours
  • As per the updated Seat selection policy, JetBlue doesn’t allow advance seat selection without added cost or fees.
  • Within the 24 hour risk free window, JetBlue can charge a seat selection fee that ranges from $5 to $25.
  • Seat Selection after booking can only be done when the required seats(for booking) are available.
  • On skipping the seat selection process, you will be seated on any random seat assigned by JetBlue at the time of Check in. 
  • Seat selection is only possible at the time of booking, and within 24 hours before departure window. 
  • JetBlue Seat selection fees are subject to changes depending on the cabin class, seat type, aircraft type and flight route.
  • To inquire or get assistance regarding the JetBlue Seat assignment, either visit the airport or reach JetBlue via website and airline Customer service. 

What are the Seating Options Available with JetBlue?

Jetblue Airways offers a wide range of seats depending on the route and type of plane you are flying on. Let’s understand the 5 available JetBlue seating options:

Jetblue Blue Basic 
  1. No carry on and checked in Bags
  2. Charges applied for any changes made to itinerary($100- $200) 
  3. $75 charge on Same day switches or standby
  4. Boarding at last
JetBlue Blue / 

Standard Economy

  1. 1 Carry on and 1 personal item allowed
  2. No charges for any change made to itinerary
  3. $75 charge on Same day switches or standby
  4. General boarding
JetBlue Blue Plus
  1. One each, Carry on bag, personal item and checked bag is allowed onboard.
  2. No charges for any change made to itinerary
  3. $75 charge on Same day switches or standby
  4. General boarding
JetBlue Blue Extra 
  1. 1 Carry on and 1 personal item allowed
  2. No charges for any change made to itinerary
  3. No charge on Same day switches or standby
  4. Early boarding
JetBlue Mint
  1. 1 Carry on, 1 personal item and 2 checked bags allowed
  2. No charges for any change made to itinerary
  3. $75 charge on Same day switches or standby
  4. Early boarding

You can pair your seats with the ‘Even more Space’ JetBlue feature that offers extra legroom if you select your seat in the first few rows of the standard economy cabin class or designated exit rows. 

Also, it’s important to remember that the seating options of different JetBlue flights vary depending on the features of specific JetBlue aircraft.

How to Select Seats on JetBlue Airways?

There is always a way to get your desired JetBlue Airlines flight reservations because flying is a great experience that should be selective as per your comfort. So, How are seats chosen on JetBlue? To know the answer, get on the instructions given below to make or change your seating choice:

1 Method : Via Website

  • Visit the official website of JetBlue Airlines.
  • Find the ‘Manage Trips’ button at the top of the page.
  • Click on the ‘Find Flight’ option to continue.
  • Select the reservation for you want to choose the seats.
  • Refer to the JetBlue Seat selection Map and select the seat you will book.
  • Choose the assigned seat’s payment option and purchase the new changes.
  • You will receive the confirmation message over your registered mail id with your updated flight changes.

2 Method : Over Phone call

  • Call JetBlue Airways Customer Service number.
  • Follow the IVR instructions.
  • Choose the convenient option IVR gives to get in touch with a live person on JetBlue.
  • Once the call gets connected, provide all the required flight information to help the representative to track your tickets.
  • Let the JetBlue representative know your preferred seats to be updated.
  • You will then receive the option to proceed with the payment.
  • A confirmation message will reflect on your system post-payment.

Both the above options are very easy to opt for and will help quickly modify your JetBlue itinerary.

3 Method : Via Mobile app

  1. Download the JetBlue app for iOS or Android.
  2.  Open the application and search for flights to your preferred destination
  3. Select one flight from the various flight options available.
  4. Check for the non-assigned seats on your preferred JetBlue flight.
  5. Select the seat to finalize your booking
  6. Proceed further and make the payment.

You can easily track your itinerary details directly from the mobile application.

4 Method : Via JetBlue’ Chat with us.’ 

  1. Get on JetBlue official website and look for the ‘Contact Us page
  2. Scroll down the page and search for the ‘Chat with us‘ option.
  3. Click on ‘Chat with us’ and select ‘Book Flight/Travel Bank.’ 
  4. Next, you need to select ‘New Booking’ and choose the flight type you are looking for.
  5. You will be navigated to a direct link to book your JetBlue flight tickets.

How do I choose my seat on JetBlue after booking?

You can either choose your seats by:

  • Logging into your JetBlue account on the official website, 
  • Chat with JetBlue Whatsapp
  • Contact JetBlue via their customer service Toll-free number 1-801-449-2525 (find the number for your region here), 
  • You can visit the airport and ask the person at the helpdesk counter to make the changes for you, 
  • Download the JetBlue mobile app and make the changes, or
  • Get help via the JetBlue Contact Us page.

All the above options are at your fingertips, pick anyone and get in touch with JetBlue.

What is the JetBlue Seat Selection Fee?

All passengers with Blue Basic fare will be entitled to pay 10 USD to 35 USD or more, depending on seat availability and location. JetBlue Blue, Jetblue Blue Plus, JetBlue Blue Extra, & JetBlue Mint fare holders can change without additional costs within the initial cabin class.

Also, it’s important to remember that travellers travelling on the Blue Basic fare are not qualified for complimentary seats.

How do I Upgrade my Seat on JetBlue?

To select your seat in the upgraded cabin class, follow the steps below and get it done:

  1. Click on JetBlue Air’s official site
  2. Select the ‘Manage booking’ option.
  3. Put your flight details to help the system track your flight.
  4. Once your flight tickets get reflected on the screen, go to ‘seat selection.’
  5. Choose your preferred upgrade seat and proceed to finalise your selection.
  6. Make the payment and receive the confirmation.

You will now be eligible for all the benefits of your JetBlue Upgrade tickets.

How Big are JetBlue Seats?

  • JetBlue Airways has the widest seats among all other US airlines, i.e., 18 inches wide. 
  • All JetBlue seats have at least 32″ distance between the seat backs of each seat. 
  • The front five“ Even More Space” row seats have 35″ of the pitch. 
  • The “Even More Space” feature is also available in two exit rows, i.e.10 and 11, with 38″ of the pitch.

JetBlue facilitates superior comfort in all aircraft, but the comfort may vary from flight to flight. 

JetBlue Seat Selection Using the Seat Map

A fee-based Seat map is always available to help JetBlue passengers select seats that suit their comfort and pocket. Even if you choose a spare seat on the map, there are set prices for seat selection which will be visible on the JetBlue seat map. JetBlue seat map has an advantage for passengers to determine if the airline is charging extra for seat selection and also to help travelers get additional perks with selected seats.

Many of you will be surprised to know that JetBlue offers some of its seats even without any fee, aka free seats. That’s why it’s better to learn and investigate your possibilities. 

What is the difference between the main cabin and economy JetBlue?

Blue Basic and Main Cabin are both very comfortable as JetBlue has this highlighted quality. But there are differences between both Cabin classes:

Main Cabin 

  • Main Cabin fares are expensive
  • Flexibility for changes and modifications in booking
  • 1 Carry on bag is allowed 
  • Free change and cancellation 
  • General Boarding
  • 3 TrueBlue points per $1.
  • Charges $181.60
Blue Basic 

  • Economy fare are cheaper 
  • Limited flexibility and charges apply to frequent change.
  • No carry-on bag allowed
  • Change and cancellation are subject to a fee.
  • Final Boarding
  • 1 TrueBlue point per $1.
  • Charges $151.60 

Also, Main Cabin reservations help you to earn miles at high rates, which can be utilised for future reservations.

How to Get a JetBlue Seat Assignment during check-in at the Airport?

If you have already made the booking, you are flexible in choosing your seats during check-in at the airport, but the possibilities are low. To check your chances to get a preferred JetBlue seat, carry on the following steps:

  1. Open your TrueBlue account by logging into the JetBlue site.
  2. Or directly click on ‘Manage Trips’ & enter your flight details.
  3. Enter the seat Map of your already booked flight.
  4. Choose your seat and make the payment
  5. Your new modifications will reflect on your JetBlue flight reservations.

If you need any help regarding the process, you can visit the help desk counter at the airport and ask for their guidance.

What happens if I don’t pick a seat on JetBlue?

If you skip the seat selection process or choose not to get the seats on your own, you will be assigned one by JetBlue airline employees at the time of check-in. 

Most probably, you will be seated in the middle row of the economy cabin, which isn’t as comfortable as other seats. Also, you will not be eligible to choose at that moment.

What are Even More Space Seats at JetBlue?

Even More Space or EMS seats is a great facility provided by Jetblue. As we already know jetBlue is the finest U.S. airline famous for spacious aircraft seats. JetBlue’s ‘Even More Space’ feature lets you pair your seats with upto 7″ extra legroom with the following benefits:

  • Early Boarding
  • One free Carry bag 
  • Speedy clearance at security checkpoints in almost 50 cities.
  • Charge-free seat changes if you hold JetBlue’s higher fare category.

You can unlock all the above benefits with just an additional fee starting at just $10 (for one way) and pair your reservation with ‘Even More Space.’ 

Bottom Line

If you need any form of further assistance, kindly get in touch with the helpdesk via 1 860 590 8822 for prompt and efficient support.


When can I select seats on JetBlue?

You can select preferred seats with Q characteristics without any pay on Jetblue Air. 

Does JetBlue charge for seat selection?

Seat selection is free within the 24-hour window of ticket booking. But you will be asked for seat change charges after 24 hours.

In addition, a seat change amount of $75 is applied for making same-day changes for all passengers except those with Jetblue Blue Extra seats. 

Does JetBlue seat passengers together?

Passengers who want to be seated together in a scenario where another accompanies one can request the airline’s employee  during check-in to make the necessary arrangements.

Are JetBlue flights assigned seating? 

JetBlue Air works with an assigned seating process for all flights. Seats can be easily chosen with a Seat Map for a particular flight to your destination. 

You can set your seats when you book your tickets or until you check in for your flight.

Can you pick your seat on JetBlue Blue Basic?

For passengers travelling on a Blue Basic ticket, seat selection costs $5 to $25 each way if you select your seats more than 24 hours before departure.

Costs vary for all tickets, so contact the JetBlue representative to get the details for your flight tickets. 

Is JetBlue economy comfortable?

Absolutely! Some of the widest seats passengers experience is available on JetBlue Blue fare even better than average legroom.

Free snacks and complimentary drinks service add to the greatest comfort of the Blue fare flight journey.

Do all JetBlue seats have TV?

Yes, JetBlue is the only airline in the United States that offers seatback screens at every seat, regardless of the cabin class. You can get your personalized entertainment onboard, which is completely free.

Remember to bring your wired headset, or you can get one from the Aircrew in exchange for a cost.

Are there first-class seats on JetBlue?

You will get the option for first-class cabins on JetBlue, popularly known as JetBlue Mint. These fare passengers enjoy the comfort of seats that recline to 180 degrees & become flatbeds and many more classic facilities to comfort your flight journey.

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