Southwest Flight Delay Compensation

How to Get Southwest Flight Delay Compensation?:

Claiming Compensation 101:

Airlines may cancel/ or delay a flight because of bad weather or technical glitches. However, to protect customer rights, these airlines abide by some rules that compensate their passengers on account of such cancellations or delays. For instance, the Southwest flight delay compensation is a policy that the Dallas-based airline follows in case of unforeseen flight delays. Here, the passengers can either rebook another flight or get a variety of other helpful options.

How Can I Avail Southwest Delayed Flight Compensation?

Southwest Airlines provides the option of compensation when the flyer’s flight faces cancellation due to excessive delay. Southwest compensation for delayed flights is available through both offline and online methods. Receiving claims through online mode is easy. However, if the flyer wishes personal guidance during the claim, they can go for the offline protocol as well.

We have mentioned the easiest ways of availing of Southwest Flight Delay Compensation: 

Method 1: Through The Airline’s App

The passenger will receive assistance from Southwest Airlines in case of cancellation/ redirection/ or delay of their flight. Here, the officials will rebook the upcoming scheduled flight. Otherwise, one can opt for a refund for the unused amount of their ticket. In some cases, the staff may assist you with lodgings for free. It includes facilities like booking nearby overnight accommodation and transit options. 

Check eligibility/ application process for Southwest flight delay compensation through the app as follows:

  • Firstly, open the app and go for the “Look Up Reservation” option. If you have used the points for completing this transaction, you can get this info by logging into the fast rewards page.
  • After that, check your reservations, and enter details like the passenger’s name, and reference number to check if a refund is available or not.
  • Also, if your name is still on the current ticket list, fix it immediately.
  •  When the name change process on the ticket is complete, select the applicable refund amount that was deducted from your card for the purchase of your ticket.

Method 2: By Using The Company’s Website

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) prepares guidelines that airlines have to follow if the passengers are forced to reject entries as the flight is fully booked. However, there are no federal laws that state the mandatory compensation to customers in case of overbooking of flights. Hence, the users must confirm if they are eligible for claim compensation or not. Claim Southwest flight delayed compensation online by following steps:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Southwest Airlines.
  • After that, click manage reservation. For receiving a refund, customers have to fill out the request form for the return flight. 
  • Also, fill in the details, such as flight number, passenger details, and so on.
  • In the meantime, wait for a response from the airline and notify your bank/ credit card provider to file for the refund.
  • Finally, submit the relevant documents for Southwest Airlines flight delay compensation. Also, keep photocopies of these documents for future reference.

Lastly, sign and submit the copy after attaching other relevant paperwork and wait for the executives to contact you. 

Method 3: Taking Help Of Customer Service

If weather issues/ other such factors cause a delay/ cancellation of the flight, flyers have the right to receive compensation when they contact the customer service of Southwest Airlines. After asking for the basic details, the executives will execute your claim proceedings.

Also, the executives will let you know when the process of paying the amount/ other benefits from the airline is complete. Hence, reach out as soon as possible if you aren’t comfortable with the website or app.

Are You Claiming The Southwest Flight Delay Compensation? 

If you are claiming Southwest Airlines flight delay compensation, then include these points: 

  • Clarify these details: likely delay of the flight, cause behind delay/ cancellation of the flight.
  • Request transportation from/to the airport till the next flight is set to depart. Make sure to not ignore this if you have to wait overnight.
  • Keep the boarding pass and documentation safe. Also, always ask for complimentary drinks/food. 

Refund Policy Rules At Southwest Airlines

To receive southwest flight delay compensation, you must pay heed to these rules set out by the airline for receiving the refund swiftly. Submit your application keeping in mind these rules:

Refundable Tickets:

Following bookings are eligible for a refund:

  • Ticket bookings for business purposes.
  • Bookings that were readily available upon reservation.
  • If the booking is cancelled at least 10 minutes before the departure time.

If your ticket follows these conditions, then it is eligible for a refund. You will receive a refund from the same account where it was purchased. Also, the user can go for travel funds, if they are trying for a refund alternative. 

Non-Refundable Tickets:

To claim southwest flight delay compensation for non-refundable tickets, the following conditions must be met:

  • The airline can return compensation for non-refundable reservations within 24 hours only.
  • This amount goes into the travel fund.
  • The user has to follow the no-show policy if seeking a claim on a non-refundable reservation.

Southwest Delayed Flight Compensation FAQs


Do flyers get compensation for delays in flights?

The Southwest flight delay compensation was formulated by the airline for these purposes. As per the policy, this compensation relies upon trip distance, duration, etc. The compensation includes hotel stay (when the delay exceeds 5 hours), refreshments for the halt period, etc. 

How to claim Southwest flight delayed compensation? 

A Southwest flyer can claim compensation from both offline and online methods. To get it online, users need to log into their account, select the manage reservation option, and proceed with the options. Otherwise, they can go for the offline option where they need to contact the support team executives for the same.

How much southwest flight delay compensation does the flyer receive? 

The flyers receive southwest delayed flight compensation if the airline itself cancels the flight/ or delays it due to unforeseen events. The southwest compensation for a delayed flight depends upon the distance for which the ticket was booked. For instance:

  • Distance (<1500)km: Compensation (Upto 250€)
  • Distance (1500-3500)km: Compensation (Upto 400€)
  • Distance (>3500)km: Compensation (Upto 600€)

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