When booking, you must have thought that nothing could go wrong with your travel plan. But, many times, passengers face sudden changes because of unforeseen emergencies. But passengers with Aer Lingus change flight requests can handle cancellations and changes. 

This blog is dedicated to solving the query of Aer Lingus passengers in the context of flight change. As it’s really important to have your details mentioned on the flight tickets, match that of your government-issued id. Otherwise, you may face issues at the time of boarding. So, let’s dive into the ‘all you need to know’ information to make a better and more accurate decision to prevent the dent in your pocket.

What are the Guidelines of Aer Lingus Change Flight?

Review all the basic rules and regulations of Aer Lingus to make a self decision for how you can change your Aer Lingus flight reservations. Take a note of points below:

Free of cost changes:

  • Any Aer Lingus flight changes within 24 hours of booking.
  • Passengers with Aer lingus loyalty programs.
  • Additionally, if scheduled flights are cancelled or delayed by the airlines.
  • Passengers with refundable fare can get changes done without any incurring cost.
  • Passengers with refundable fares can cancel their flights and book new ones if changes are not possible.

Changes subject to charges 

  • Change your flight bookings up to 2 hours prior to the departure. 
  • Additionally, all changes made after 24 hours risk free window are subject to charges.
  • Any fare differences between the original flight and new one must be paid.
  • Likewise, Aer Lingus doesn’t issue any refund or e voucher if new bookings are cheaper than the original ones.
  • Similarly, Aer Lingus bookings by third party travel agents are not eligible for changes directly by the airlines. It’s advised to get in touch with the travel agent for any changes.
  • Making changes to one part of your itinerary will automatically change your entire itinerary.
  • Changing Aer Lingus itinerary is subject to a variety of fees.
  • Passengers may or may not accept Aer Lingus Flight changes which provide them with two choices. First is to accept the change and continue on board the flight and second is to cancel the flight and seek refund.

How to Change a Flight on Aer Lingus?

Communicate your change requirements to Aer Lingus and seek the necessary assistance regarding the same. Opt for the following ways to connect with the airline:

  • Search for the Aer Lingus website on the suitable search engine.
  • Click on the first result of your search.
  • You will now be navigated to Aer Lingus official website.
  • Now, select ‘My Trips’ and then ‘Manage My Bookings’.
  • Fill the details like, confirmation number, last name, and first name.
  • Click on the ‘Search flight’ option. 
  • Select the flight that you wish to change.
  • Proceed by selecting the option present on the top left corner of the webpage stated as, ‘Change flight?’ option.
  • A drop down list will appear from where you can select any one option that suits your requirement.
  • Make the changes and proceed towards the payment page to finalize your changes.
  • You will receive a fresh confirmation mail with updated changes in your Aer Lingus flight e-tickets.

Carefully and attentively read all the inclusions attached to your flight tickets before making any changes, as some fare types are eligible for higher change charges. In such scenarios, it’s advised to cancel the original flights and book fresh reservations as it will cost less than that of change charges.

How to Change Aer Lingus Flight via Offline?

Definitely! You can ask an Aer Lingus customer service representative to make the required modifications to your itinerary. Just follow the precise guide below:

  • Visit the official site of Aer Lingus Airlines.
  • Look for the ‘Contact Us’ option of the airline.
  •  You will get the Aer Lingus customer service phone number (1 (800) 474-7424).
  • Dial the same on your mobile keypad.
  • Carefully listen to the IVR instructions.
  • Follow the prompts and select the appropriate option.
  • Once your call gets connected to the live representative, let him/her know the reason for your call.
  • Provide the representatives with all the details of your flight.
  • Also, share the valid documents required if you are requesting for name change or date of birth change.
  • Have you crossed the 24 hour risk free window for free changes and cancellations? Then, make the payment for applicable charges to finalize your changes.
  • You will receive the updated Aer Lingus e-tickets over your registered email address.

Remember that all calls made for flight modifications at Aer Lingus are subject to surcharges of customer service fees.

How Much does it Cost to Make an Aer Lingus Flight Change?

When it comes to Aer Lingus flight change charges, it basically depends on the type of your fare and the timing of your change request to the airlines. 

However, refer to the following to get an idea regarding the fee structure of Aer Lingus Air:

For Flights within Geographical Boundaries of Europe:

  • No fees if changes made within 24 hours of risk free periods after making the flight reservations.
  • € 40 for date, itinerary, route and fare type flight change.
  • € 50 for itinerary, date, fare type and route changes during check in at the airport.
  • Name change costs € 100 on both online and at the airport.

For Transatlantic Flights

  • No charges when changes are made on the same day of flight departure (24 hours after booking confirmation).
  • Any changes made online to the itinerary are subject to fees of € 100.
  • Changes made to flight at the airport will cost € 140.
  • Name change fees for transatlantic flights is € 100.


Consider the details above to make modifications to your Aer Lingus flights. And for more information regarding Aer Lingus change flight, contact 1-860-590-8822 to check the eligibility and charges applicable on your flight tickets.

Aer Lingus Change Flight FAQs

How much does it cost to reward members for altering their Aer Lingus flight?
Reward members receive special bonuses and privileges when rebooking or postponing their bookings. As a result, the cost of an Aer Lingus changes flight changes depending on the reward member’s tier level.
Is it possible to obtain a refund if I have to cancel my Aer Lingus flight?

Refunds are available from Aer Lingus, but only in particular conditions:

  • You wouldn’t be able to claim a refund if you booked a Saver or Plus fare.
  • If you cancel up to two hours before your flight, you can obtain a full refund if you bought an Advantage or AerSpace price.
  • If you need to cancel due to the loss of a passenger or direct family member, you can fill out a Refund Request Form.
What are the changes of Aer Lingus change flight?
Casual changes to Saver and Plus fare costs $150, for all flights routing to & from the United states. Whereas, Business fare and Business Flex fare are not charged anything apart from the fare difference fees.
What are Aer Lingus Name Change fees?
Aer Lingus Saver and Plus fare are subject to fees of $150 for required name change. There are no charges for Business and Business Flex fare classes.
Can I transfer my Aer Lingus flights to another person?
No. Many Airlines, including Aer Lingus, are not allowed to make name changes to transfer the tickets to another person. Doing so can restrict the travel of the passenger as the ticket details won’t match with that of the person’s government e-Id.
Can I cancel my Aer Lingus flight after making changes?
Yes, you’ll have to pay the Aer Lingus flight change costs and the ticket difference. Yes! Aer Lingus allows passengers to cancel the flights if plans change. However, you will be charged with Aer Lingus cancellation fee as per the airline’s policy.
Is it possible for me to travel to the airport to change flights?
Get to the airport as soon as possible. If you don’t have Internet access, you may check your reservations at the airline’s ticket line kiosk at the airport. You may usually make changes before checking your bags at the booth if you need to.

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