The fifth-largest North American airline, Alaska Airlines, is one of the most preferred airlines. Alaska provides its passengers with on-time flights and flexibility for passenger comfort. So, if you have booked a flight on Alaska Airlines and want to change for a better experience in your travel journey. there are some points to keep in mind. In this blog, we will discuss Alaska Airlines flight change policy to understand the rules and regulations of the airlines and act accordingly. So let’s get started. 

Alaska Flight Change Policy: Terms & Condition Guidelines 

If you are thinking about changing flights with Alaska Airlines, you might be running through various questions: Whether the change is possible or not, how much the charges are for modifications, etc. So, the following are the pointers that should be considered before you execute your change plan:

  • Saver fares are not eligible for any change(like the name change, date change, etc.), cancellations, or refunds.
  • Moreover, Saver fare holders have no other option than to cancel the current flight and rebook another.
  • Likewise, passengers with Saver fares must cancel the flights under the 24-hour cancellation period to retain the value of the fare.
  • Similarly, main and first-class fare holders can change the flights anytime before 24 hours of departure. 
  • In addition, passengers with First and Main class fare types must pay the difference between new and original flight tickets upon changing.
  • On getting the flight bookings cheaper than the original one, you are entitled to a refund of the difference between both the bookings. 
  • Additionally, Same-day flight change is only allowed at check-in time and is subject to additional charges between $25-$50.
  • Furthermore, no fare differences will be charged when changing the Alaska flight on the same day of departure.
  • Same-day change charges get waived for passengers with refundable fare type, MVP Gold and MVP Gold 75 K Mileage Plan traveling in the same reservations.
  • On the other hand, Same-day changes must be made for the same origin, destination, and connection cities as in your original reservations.
  • Saver fare guests are not eligible for confirmed same-day changes.
  • Therefore, it’s important to remember the above guidelines for a smooth process for passengers and airlines.

Alaska Airlines 24 Hours Flight Change Policy

Alaska Flight Change Policy allows passengers to make free adjustments to their plane tickets within 24 hours after purchase. There are no Alaska Airlines modification costs during this time, known as the risk-free cancellation period. Passengers can alter their flights for free under this arrangement. Passengers can also get the entire amount of their refundable airfare if they opt to cancel their flight.

How to Change a Flight on Alaska Airlines?

There are 7 ways to contact Alaska Airlines to Change flights. Let’s go through each method one by one:

Online Methods :~ Via Alaska Airlines official website
Alaska Airlines Change Flight

  • Visit the official website of Alaska Airlines. 
  • Select manage reservation
  • Put your details in the blank space on the page.
  • Click on continue.
  • Saver fare holders must choose the flight they want to cancel and look for new reservations.
  • Passengers apart from Saver fare holders need to choose the flight that they would like to make changes to.
  • Select new bookings and check the difference between your initial and selected flights that may appear on the right.
  • Make the payment if required. Any differences that exceed the cost of your new booking will be sent to you as a refund, either in cash or an e-voucher for future trips. 
  • Check out from your initial flight to finalize the changes.
  • You will receive a confirmation mail regarding the changes made to your tickets.

~ Alaska Airlines Mobile App Procedure


alaska mobile app

  • Install the Alaska mobile application from here (
  • Log in to the application by putting on your required credentials. 
  • Proceed by clicking on continue.
  • Find the reservation that you want to make changes to. 
  • All passengers (except Saver fare holders) will get the option to make necessary changes.
  • Choose the flight that suits your updated timings.
  • Check and pay for differences.
  • You will receive a confirmation mail for your bookings modifications.

~ By Social Media Platforms

Alaska Airlines spread its presence on different social media platforms. Connect to seek any assistance, including Alaska Air change flight on the platforms mentioned below:

~ Via Alaska Airlines Live Chat

The chat option is only available for passengers with Alaska credit cards. Before opting for Chat, be handy with your Alaska card details. Now, do as told below:

  • Visit the “Help Centre”  page of Alaska Air. 
  • Scroll towards the middle of the page.
  • Under the “Contact us” section, you will get the “Chat with us: Start chat” option
  • Fill in the passenger’s Name, Mileage plan number(look on your Alaska credit card), and your reason for chatting.
  • Search for a live representative by clicking the “Start Chat” option.

5~ Via Official Email of Alaska Airlines

Contact Alaska Airlines for queries, concerns, complaints, or assistance at [email protected]. However, its advised to opt for other methods in the case of urgency, as electronic mail might take longer to revert. 

Offline Method ~ Visiting Alaska Airport kiosk


alaska check in

Visiting the nearest Alaska Airport is one of the best options when time is not a matter of concern. Visit the airport and seek the representative’s assistance at the customer service helpdesk. 

~ Contacting Alaska Customer Service Phone Number

Last but not least, contacting Customer Service phone numbers is good to go for all situations a passenger might face from the time of booking to departure and even further if the customer isn’t satisfied with the facilities provided by Alaska Airlines. 

Following is the list of contact numbers allocated to different categories of traveller’s doubts:

Before the flight queries, and assistance +18002527522  Available 24X7 
Accessible services help 1-800-503-0101 Available 24X7
Group Reservations  1-800-445-4435 6 am – 6 pm PT, Monday-Friday

7:30 am – 6 pm PT, Saturday  

After flight queries and assistance +18006545669 7 am – 7 pm PT, Monday-Friday

8 am – 5 pm PT, Saturday     

Alaska Account  +18006545669 7 am – 7 pm PT, Monday-Friday

8 am – 5 pm PT, Saturday     

International numbers for your region  Toll free numbers are available 24X7
International Contact number (for other regions) 001+206-244-0751 24X7 (Not a toll free number)


Alaska Airlines Flight Change Fee/Cost

  • No change fee to modify Alaska flight tickets eligible for changes. 
  • However, any fare differences between your initial and secondly booked flight are subject to reasonable charges.
  • For example, On the first reservation, you choose your destination to be Portland at the price of $132, but now you are willing to book the flight to Kahului, which costs $278. In this scenario, you will be required to pay $146. 

Types of Alaska Airlines Flight Changes:

Same Day flight change

  • Only possible when seats on the next flight are available.
  • No same-day change fees for passengers with Main or First class fare, Companion fare, and Partner award bookings.
  • Same-day changes must be informed before your initial flight departure.

Name Change

  • All passengers are eligible for a name change.
  • Passengers with name change or correction requests must show government-issued identity proof to be eligible for name changes.
  • Passengers’ name changes in case of marriage or divorce should be informed to the airlines with legal documentation.

Date Change

  • Under Alaska Airlines’ date change policy, passengers may change their travel date, 11 months in either direction, with no Alaska Airlines change fee.
  • Passengers must pay only the fare difference fees if date changes are requested.
  • Saver fare passengers can’t make date changes; they can cancel the current bookings and reserve new seats to complete the modifications.
  • Changes in scheduled timings of your flight will cost 50 USD if your departure and arrival time is more than or equal to 501 miles.

Alaska Airlines Same Day Flight Change Policy

  • The passenger’s last name and booking reference number are necessary to change an Alaska Airlines flight, and they play a vital role in checking current reservations.
  • A $50 fee applies to same-day flight adjustments, which are subject to seat availability.
  • Only if your new flight departs on the same day as your last flight is considered a same-day flight change.
  • At the check-in window, a customer can request a same-day flight change. During check-in, select the Alaskan Airlines flight change option from the airport kiosk.
  • Passengers can confirm a same-day flight change by contacting an Alaska Airlines Customer Service Representative or the Alaska Airlines Reservation Team.

Same-Day Flight Change Terms & Conditions

Alaska Airlines policy regarding same-day flight modifications is as follows: If each passenger meets the following conditions , they can apply for Alaska Airlines flight change policy on the same day.

  • Passengers must have a confirmed Alaskan airline flight reservation.
  • Flyers can make a change request up to 48 hours before their last flight’s departure time.
  • Passengers are unable to alter their home airport to connect to flights to other locations.
  • Travelers are unable to change terminals to make modifications to their tickets under this regulation.
  • If passengers cannot meet the above requirements, they can change their flight using the normal flight change procedure.

How Much does it cost for Alaska Same-day flight changes?

Same Day changes on Alaska flights fee is $25- $50. For Seat assignment is only possible when seats on the aircraft is available. Also, the same-day confirmed change fees are waived for passengers booked on First class, Coach class, and for members of Alaska loyalty programs. 

 Alaska only permits for changes in flight time and aircraft type on the Same day flights.

Alaska Airlines Change Flight FAQs

Can I transfer my Alaska Airline ticket to other person?

No! you cannot transfer Alaska reservation to other person. Doing this will restrict passenger’s flight on boarding.

Can I make an Alaska Airlines advance change within 24-hours of booking?

Yes, you can make an Alaska Airlines adjustment change within 24-hours of booking. For that, you can use the standard flight change procedures. Both the online and offline methods of flight change can help you get your ticket booked in a new Alaska Airlines flight.

If you make a flight change within 24-hours of ticket booking, you need to pay any extra charges. It means you can make your advance modification on Alaska Airlines for free, and it will be a great medium for you to make a flight change without spending any extra amount.

Can I change date of Alaska ticket?

Unfortunately, there is no such option to change your itinerary date. Therefore, the only option to switch flight dates is to cancel your current reservations and book fresh ones.

Can I change my Alaska flight right after booking?

Yes! You can change your flight tickets as all Alaska Air tickets, except Saver fares, are eligible for Alaska flight change right after bookings.

Can I change my Alaska Group reservations?

Are you eager to learn about the 24-hours flight change policy of Alaska Airlines? Do you want to know the important points? If yes, then here are the terms that you should know:

  • As per its 24-hours flight change policy, you don’t need to pay for the flight change.
  • You have to pay penalties for the flight change that happens after one day of booking

If you are seeking to know the in-depth concept of its 24-hours flight change policy, you can visit its official website, or you can also communicate with its customer service 24/7 and 365 days.

How much do I need to pay for the flight change on Alaska Airlines?

Yes! You can change your group reservations depending on the type of fare or flight you booked by contacting Alaska Group reservations team at 1-800-445-4435.

Can I get a refund for the unwanted flight change on Alaska Airlines?

Yes, you can get a refund for the unwanted flight change on Alaska Airlines. For that, you need to instantly connect with its customer service and raise a request for compensation and refund. You need to report a refund file due to the unwanted flight change.

After that, you will get your refund in between ten working days. Check out its refund policy for a better insight.

How can I get in touch with Alaska Airlines customer service?
You can get in touch with its customer service for the flight change by dialing its official phone number. Press the ideal button to talk with its executive anytime you need.

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