British Airways Change Flight Policy

British Airways understands that plans may change, and you may need to alter or cancel your vacation. However, to make the process go well, customers must first grasp British Airways change flight policy to avoid last-minute disappointments.

The information on notice periods and any applicable fees are provided below. As you move closer to your trip, the penalties for cancelling or changing your plans may get more severe. Furthermore, if you need to make changes or cancel your booking, you should call the British Airways customer service number 1 860 590 8822 as soon as possible.

24 Hours British Airways Flight Change Policy 

British Airways change flight policy is known as the 24-hour risk-free period, during which you can amend or cancel a flight and rebook in the future. Flight adjustments on British Airways can be made within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket without incurring additional charges. Passengers can modify their tickets for free if purchased within 24 hours after the original purchase. Both refundable and non-refundable tickets are affected.

British Airways Change Flight Process 

Via official website 

  • Passengers can use the British Airways flight change process following the steps outlined below.
  • First and foremost, travelers must visit the British Airways official website.
  • Then they must fill up the appropriate fields, such as the booking id and last name.
  • The specifics of your trip itinerary will appear on the website’s home screen as soon as you complete this step.
  • You may now make changes to your current reservation.
  • Choose a new flight using the available choices.
  • Passengers can select the option to confirm the changes after making them.
  • Passengers must now select the Save option to save the modifications they’ve made to their current reservation.

Via Mobile app 

  • Download the British Airways Mobile App on the Smartphone.
  • Enter the details to log in 
  • To display the booking information, input the reference id and the last name. 
  • For modification or changes, press the modify button.
  • A new flight might be selected based on the passenger’s requirements.
  • The flight modifications must be confirmed and saved by passengers.

British Airways Name Change Policy

Suppose the name on the person’s airline ticket is incorrect and does not match the name on their passport. You may alter your name with British Airways over the phone. Any form of name change will not be charged to the passenger. You must follow the British Airways name change policy if you wish to alter your name on your British Airways flight tickets.

  • The airline will charge you a fee to alter your name on your flight ticket.
  • There are fewer charges if you modify the name on your flight tickets within 24 hours after buying.
  • If you change your flight tickets after 24 hours, you may incur additional fees.
  • On the tickets, you may only modify three characters of your name.
  • It is not possible to transfer airplane tickets in the name of another person.
  • Only 5 to 6 hours before the scheduled flight time is it possible to alter your name.

British Airways Same-Day Change 

These complimentary flight adjustments may only be done on the day of travel – not the night before – and must be completed at least one hour before the planned departure time of your original trip.

  • Your new flight must likewise follow the same itinerary and stop at the same airports as the original.
  • You must also fly out of and into the same airports in each city.
  • In a similar vein, you won’t be able to alter your nonstop trip to a connecting flight, even if it would bring you to your destination sooner.
  • Finally, if you have already checked in for your initial departure, you will not be able to change to an earlier flight. This includes utilizing online and mobile check-in, so if your plans are subject to change, wait to check in until you know when you’ll be flying.

British Airways Same-Day Change Fee

Domestic short-haul flights will not be subject to a British Airways same-day change charge. The travel class and price type determine the cost of changing a long-haul international trip on the same day. A same-day flight change requires at least one hour’s notice.


Is it possible to modify the date of my British Airways flight?
Note. You may modify your flight date and time, as well as your destination, with British Airways. Changes can be made over the phone or online. If you purchased your British Airways flight directly through the airline’s website, phone center, or sales office, you might alter your travel online.
Why can’t I modify my BA flight over the internet?
As you move closer to your trip, the penalties for cancelling or changing your plans may get more severe. Online amendments are not presently possible; however, you can request to cancel your booking in return for voucher credit if you are eligible. Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone if you need to make any additional adjustments.
If I cancel my British Airways flight, will I receive a refund?
In case of cancelling a ticket within 24 hours of buying it, you are entitled to a full refund as long as your trip date is at least seven days later. Your British Airways flight has been cancelled.

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