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It is completely understandable that many passengers may want to change their Hawaiian flight. Well, to make it easier, you should learn Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight policy. The flight change policy of Hawaiian Airlines can help you in making a flight change without getting into any hurdles.

The globally popular and largest commercial flight operator from and to the United States of America, Hawaiian Airlines, was established on 30 January 1929. It provides the best airline services to its passengers of 32 destinations.

The flight change procedures and policies of Hawaiian Airlines can help you make a flight change without trouble. You can find all the needed information mentioned below that you should keep in your mind.

Hawaiian Airlines 24 Hours Flight Change Policy

To make the travel more pleasurable for customers, Hawaiian Airlines has provided a free alter over intervals. Take a look at Hawaiian Airlines’ 24-hour flight change policy for tips on how to avoid paying the alter cost.

  • The airline will not charge any fees for modifications made within the risk-free time under Hawaiian Airlines’ 24-hour flight modification policy.
  •  The airline will incur a change fee if a alter is made outside of the stipulated 24-hour period.
  •  Hawaiian Airlines’ 24-hour flight modification policy does not apply to discounted or promotional tickets, and it only enables you to alter flights if you booked them through their official platform. The airline will charge a fee even if the desired adjustments are made on the same day as the booking.

Hawaiian Airlines Change Fees

Within the airline’s deadline, travelers must make modifications to their planned ticket. If customers cannot use the free redemption function, they will be required to pay an exchange charge equal to a percentage of the ticket cost. Check out the following information about Hawaiian Airlines modification prices, which will be beneficial to anybody who does not want to spend a lot of money on modifications:

  • Hawaiian Airlines does not charge alter fees to passengers who book tickets with Miles.
  • Passengers holding tickets in Hawaiian Airlines First and First Class cabins are not charged a modification fee per the airline’s policy.
  • As Hawaiian Airlines alter fees, passengers flying on cheap tickets must pay the entire cost.
  • The switch made on the day of the reservation is free.
  • To modify their flight itinerary, passengers with non-refundable tickets must pay a charge of between USD 100 and USD 400 per person.

What is the Procedure for Changing a Hawaiian Airlines Flight?

  •   Firstly, go to the Hawaiian Airlines homepage and click the Manage Flights option, then My Trips.
  •   Then, enter the passenger’s last name and the confirmation code or itinerary number.
  •   Now, click the “alter Flights” link just above the trip summary on the itinerary page.
  •   Then, click Continue after selecting the passenger(s) for whom you’d want to alter flights.
  •   Choose the flights you want to modify. Click “Search for New Flights” after adjusting the route and travel dates.
  •   Choose your new flight.
  •   Now, go over the itinerary and then click Continue.
  •   Then, choose new seats.
  •   Finally, review the itinerary and seats before purchasing by clicking Book This Trip.
  •   Contact Hawaiian Airlines customer care if you receive an error notice or are unable to modify your flights.

How to make Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight via a phone call?

Apart from the online method, you can also make a phone call to Hawaiian Airlines for a flight change. Below are the proven steps that can help you to modify your Hawaiian Airlines flight:

  • To make a Hawaiian Airlines flight change on call, dial Hawaiian Airlines phone number 1 (800) 367-5320 or +1-860-590-8822.
  • Secondly, you need to hear the automated IVR on-call voice menu precisely.
  • Afterward, you have to follow the IVR on-call voice menu and press the right key.
  • You will instantly connect with a live person at Hawaiian Airlines.
  • Next, you must share your flight ticket details with customer service.
  • After that, you also have to request a flight change.
  • Select the ideal Hawaiian Airlines flight as per your preference.
  • Lastly, you need to pay for the flight change and complete the procedure.

How to make Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight via Mobile App?

If you have a mobile app for Hawaiian Airlines, then also you can change your flight. You need to follow the steps described below carefully for an easy flight change:

  • Firstly, you need to download the Hawaiian Airlines mobile on your smartphone from the respective play store or app store.
  • Secondly, you have to sign into your account and fill in the confirmation code.
  • Afterward, you need to go to the “My Trip” icon.
  • Next, you have to tap on the “Change Flight.”
  • Now, you need to search for a new Hawaiian Airlines flight.
  • Change your flight and complete the payment.

Hawaiian Airlines Change Policy Under Medical Waiver

You already have learned about different policies, so let’s learn about its change flight policy under the medical waiver. Here are the points which you need to keep in mind:

  • If you are hospitalized and want to change a Hawaiian Airlines booking, you can make it for free.
  • Under the medical waiver change flight policy of Hawaiian Airlines, you don’t need to pay any change fees.
  • You can use the official website of Hawaiian Airlines or talk to a person to make a flight change policy.

Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight Fee For Modifying Bookings

Passengers looking to modify their bookings on Hawaiian Airlines need to pay a change flight fee. Below are the needed points which will explain to you the details in the best possible way:

  • You need to pay USD 30 for the change flight charge on Hawaiian Airlines.
  • If you change your Hawaiian Airlines booking and the fare difference is greater than USD 0, then you need to pay the difference.
  • You can also consult the customer service of Hawaiian Airlines for further info about the fee for modifying bookings.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight alter on the Same Day

Hawaiian Airlines’ Same Day Flight Amend Service allows travelers to modify flight reservations on the day of departure. Passengers have up to one hour before the original flight departure time to make adjustments.

  • Passengers can only select flights that are on the same route as the initial booking;
  • If the traveler has already checked in, the prior flight reservation is unavailable. 
  • Passengers are responsible for the modified fees and the difference in cost between the old and new flights (if any).

Hawaiian Airlines Main Cabin Basic Fares Flight Change Policy

Hawaiian Airlines flight modification policy for Main Cabin Basic tickets is as follows:

  •  Basic Cabin Main tickets are non-transferable.
  • If you need to modify your Main Cabin Basic ticket, you should cancel it and rebook it within the risk-free 24-hour cancellation window.
  • You won’t be able to choose a seat until you check-in.
  • Upgrades to Preferred Seat, Extra Comfort Seat, Business, or First Class are not available for Main Cabin Basic tickets.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Alter at the Counter

  • Firstly, go to the Hawaiian Airlines desk or office closest to you.
  • Then, fill out the Hawaiian Airlines flight alter form, including passenger information such as name, age, passport number, destination, booking code, and the reason for the alter.
  •  Now, submit it to a representative who is accessible.
  •  The representative will go over the Hawaiian Airlines flight switch form with you and ask you to pay a charge for the alter.
  •  Then, pay the proper method for the modification and service charge.
  • Finally, a new ticket will be produced and delivered to the registered email address after payment is accepted.

According to Hawaiian Airlines flight modification policy, passengers may only modify their travel dates for free. However, they have to do it during the risk-free period. After then, depending on the price type, the traveler must pay a Hawaiian Airlines adjustment charge.

Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight Policy Updated [COVID 19 Waivers]

For tickets purchased until December 31, 2020, Hawaiian Airlines offers commission-free flight modify for all price classes, plus Main Cabin Basic. You may also cancel your flight for free and receive a travel credit at a later time.

Tickets are available for purchase between March 1 and December 31, 2020   

  •  Any modifications made within two years after the purchase date are free of charge. 
  • This includes reward flight tickets.

Tickets booked before March 1, 2020, for travel between March 1, 2020, and February 28, 2021. 

  • For rebooked flights leaving before May 31, 2022, there is no modification fee. 
  • Award flights are included in the package.

Tickets purchased on or after January 1, 2021, have a one-year validity period from the date of purchase. Please note that you will not be able to rebook tickets online after the cancellation is finalized. When you’re ready to rebook, contact our Reservations department before the ticket’s expiration date to avoid paying modification costs (applicable fare differences may apply).

Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight FAQs

How much does it cost to pay to make a flight change on Hawaiian Airlines?
You need to pay a redeposit fee of around USD 39 for an inter-island Hawaiian Airlines flight and USD 150 for all other flights.

Is it possible to modify the flight date on Hawaiian Airlines?

Yes, Indeed! You can alter the flight date on Hawaiian Airlines. One can use the official website of Hawaiian Airlines to alter the flight date, or also dial Hawaiian Airlines Live person 1-800-367-5320 to connect with its live representative.

How can I change my flight to Hawaiian for free?

Do you wish to save your money and are looking to alter your flight on Hawaiian for free? If yes, then check the below-mentioned important points carefully:

  • You can make a flight change on Hawaiian Airlines for free within a day of reservation.
  • Then you need to make a flight change 60 days before the scheduled Hawaiian Airlines departure to do it for free.
  • If you are an elite passenger, you can make modification for free.
  • You should check out the policy to get tips for a free flight change service.
Can I change my name on a Hawaiian Airlines flight?

Yes Indeed! You can modify your name on a Hawaiian Airlines flight. The official website of Hawaiian Airlines can help you in modifications on your name on Hawaiian Airlines flights without facing any issues.

You can also use the Hawaiian Airlines customer service 1-800-367-5320 phone number and connect with its live representative to customize your name on your Hawaiian booking. With these two ultimate procedures, you can make changes anytime you want.

Apart from that, you should go for the Hawaiian Airlines name exchange policy to get more information about the name change procedure. You will find it on its official website.

What is the Hawaiian Airlines same-day flight change policy?

Get ready to make a same–day flight modification on Hawaiian Airlines. Then here are some of the points that you need to know:

  • You can make changes on your flight on the day of your Hawaiian flight departure.
  • According to the same-day flight alter the policy of Hawaiian Airlines, you can change your flight one hour before the scheduled departure.
  • But, you will not make changes on your Hawaiian flight once you have checked in.
  • Also, while making a flight alter, you should keep in mind that the route of original and new flights must be the same.
  • You don’t need to pay an extra charge for a flight alter to Hawaiian Airlines.
How can I contact Hawaiian Airlines live customer service for a flight change?
If you are looking forward to making a flight change with the help of Hawaiian Airlines customer service, you need to dial Hawaiian Airlines reservations phone number 1-800-367-5320.
Is it possible to change your Hawaiian Airlines Main Cabin Base Fare?
Yes, Indeed! It is possible to change a Hawaiian Airlines Main Cabin Base Fare. Also, you can waive your change fees only if you qualify for the waiver terms.
Can I change a Hawaiian Airlines flight I already booked?
Yes, you can change a Hawaiian Airlines booking that you already booked. You can use its official website or talk to a live person at Hawaiian Airlines to get the required assistance.
How late can I change a Hawaiian Airlines flight?
You can change a Hawaiian Airlines booking 10 minutes before the scheduled departure.
Does Hawaiian Airlines waive the change fee?
Yes, Hawaiian Airlines waive the change fee unless the new flight is costlier than the previous one.
What is Hawaiian Airlines change flight phone number?
Call 1 (800) 367-5320 or +1-860-590-8822 and talk to a live person at Hawaiian Airlines.

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