Easyjet Flight Cancellations Policy

EasyJet is a European airline that offers low-cost flights. We provide low-cost local and international flight tickets. However, because it is a low-cost airline, you may be wondering if you can cancel and get a refund. EasyJet accepts refunds and cancellations, but only under certain conditions. As a result, it’s a good idea to find out about EasyJet flight cancellation policy.

Let’s take a deeper look at EasyJet Flight Cancellations details.

  • If the flight is canceled late in the evening or within 14 days of travel, EasyJet is required by EU legislation to compensate the customer up to €600 per person.
  • If EasyJet is to blame for delays, EU regulations mandate that passengers be compensated up to €600 per person if their flight is delayed for more than three hours.


EasyJet do not pay compensation if:

  • They could find a replacement flight that had the same departure and arrival times as the original.
  • If the flight cancellation was due to circumstances beyond the airline’s control. 
  • The delay is due to an external factor. This excludes delays caused by inclement weather, airport accidents, or air traffic controller strikes.

EasyJet Policy on Flight Cancellations due to Sickness or bad Weather

Due To Illness 

  • In a critical sickness, the customer should seek cancellation help from the airline’s bookings department. 
  • The traveler will be given a voucher to use within 6 months of the cancellation after reviewing the request.

Due to severe weather conditions 

  • The airline will not pay passengers because they will be accommodated on a different aircraft within 24 hours of the original flight.
  • In a flight delay, passengers are also given a coupon to use for future purchases.

EasyJet 24 Hours Flight Cancellation Policy 

Take a peek at it if you want to learn more about EasyJet’s 24-hour cancellation policy:

  • If you cancel your flight with EasyJet Airlines within 24 hours after booking, you will receive a complete refund minus a nominal cancellation charge.
  • Easy Jet tickets are non-refundable; therefore, you will not receive a reimbursement if you decide to cancel your flight after 24 hours. 
  • Although certain aspects of a ticket, such as a name or destination, can be modified. You may cancel your ticket, manage your booking, and cancel within 24 hours after booking by going to EasyJet.
  • You may also make changes to your flight data, such as spelling correction, seats addition, or changing the flight’s direction.
  • There will be a charge for these adjustments as well.

So the next time your plans change, you can cancel or change your Easyjet flight by following these instructions. You can also contact support or customer support for assistance in case of technical problems when canceling or changing flights.

How to Cancel EasyJet Flight Tickets?

Online Method

  • To cancel your flight reservation online, take these steps:
  • Go to EasyJet Airline’s official website.
  • Then choose “Manage Bookings” from the drop-down menu. To log in, enter your information.
  • After that, select the flight reservation that you wish to cancel.
  • Now press the “Cancel” icon.
  • If you are asked to pay the EasyJet cancellation charge, do so using a convenient manner.
  • The airline will cancel your ticket immediately.

Offline Method

To cancel your flight reservation online, we recommend contacting EasyJet customer service. You may reach the helpline by dialing 1 860 590 8822. Their customer service representative will be courteous and will walk you through the offline canceling procedure.

Compensation for EasyJet Flight Cancellations

  • It costs up to €250 per passenger for any flights under 1,500 kilometers.
  • EU Internal  flights of more than 1,500 kilometers might cost up to €400 per passenger.
  • It costs up to €400 per passenger for non-internal EU flights between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers.
  • Flights outside the EU that are longer than 3,500 kilometers might cost up to €600 per person.

What does the EasyJet Cancellation Fee entail?

EasyJet’s flight cancellation policy allows you to cancel your flight within 24 hours. EasyJet flights have cancellation costs.

This cost will be taken from the ticket price, while the balance will be given to you. For online cancellations, EasyJet’s 24-hour cancellation policy is normally £30, and the standard price for offline cancellations via our phone center is £35.

EasyJet Refund Coronavirus

Travelers have the option to cancel your reservation and then seek a refund. You must fill out a request form if you want a refund after canceling your reservation. You must enter your reservation code, email address, and last name, as well as your first name while filling out the request form. The airline will consider your return request after all of these facts have been verified.

You must follow EasyJet’s refund policy for any additional refund details. EasyJet offers customer care contact information for information or assistance with airline services. Other possible alternatives for contacting live airline staff include email, phone, and online chat.

How long ahead of time must you cancel?

EasyJet flights are non-refundable after 24 hours of purchase. Don’t hesitate to contact customer representatives if you need to cancel your membership owing to a significant illness or bereavement. We can charge you a price and provide you with a six-month flight voucher. However, the airline will request proof of death, such as a death certificate.

How far in advance does EasyJet offer notification of flight cancellations?

In the case of an EasyJet flight cancellation, the airline will notify you at least two weeks before departure. You can acquire data between 2 weeks and seven days before the flight date for unexpected cancellations. If you know less than a week in advance, you can declare a refund or schedule a complimentary flight change.

EasyJet Flight Cancellation

In the case of an EasyJet flight cancellation, the airline will notify you at least two weeks before departure. You can acquire data between 2 weeks and seven days before the flight date for unexpected cancellations. If you know less than a week in advance, you can declare a refund or schedule a complimentary flight change.

EasyJet Cancellation FAQs

Can I cancel my EasyJet flight via an offline method?
Yes, you can easily cancel your EasyJet flight via an offline method. Also, the offline method is considered one of the best ways to cancel your ticket. To initiate the offline cancellation method, you need to have its official toll-free number.
Is it possible to cancel my EasyJet flight for free?
Yes, you can cancel your EasyJet flight for free. You need to use its official website or take help from its customer service. Along with that, you have to follow the cancellation policy of EasyJet to get the important info for free-of-cost flight cancellation.
How can I cancel my EasyJet flight through its official website?
If you want to cancel your EasyJet flight through its official website, you need first to visit its website and log into your account. Next, you need to reach out to its “Manage Booking” page and search for your recently booked flight. Open your ticket and click on the cancellation icon to confirm the flight cancellation successfully.
Can I cancel my EasyJet flight from the airport?
Yes, you can cancel your EasyJet flight from the airport. For that, you need to visit the helpdesk at the airport. The representative at the airport’s helpdesk will indeed help you in canceling your flight. Share your ticket info, and you are done with the cancellation.
How do I get a refund from EasyJet?
If you are willing to get a refund from EasyJet, you should get through its official website, or its customer service can also help you get your refund for the canceled EasyJet ticket. You should also check out the refund policy of EasyJet
Can I get a complete refund for my non-refundable EasyJet flight ticket?
Yes, Why not? You can get a complete refund for your non-refundable EasyJet flight ticket. For that, you have to apply for a refund within a day of reservation. For a better insight, you should check out the 24-hours refund policy of EasyJet.
How much do I have to spend on EasyJet flight cancellation?
If you are going to cancel your EasyJet flight ticket, but before that, if you want to know how much you need to spend for the cancellation, you may have to pay around EURO 30 to EURO 35.
How long do I need to wait to get my refund from EasyJet?
You need to wait around a week or ten days to receive a refund on your bank account. But, the passengers who have purchased the ticket of EasyJet through cash or cheque need to wait around 20 business days.
When will I get compensation from EasyJet?
If you are willing to know when will you will get compensation from EasyJet, then check the points mentioned below:

  • When EasyJet cancels your ticket.
  • Cancellation happens due to any natural disaster.
  • If you missed your flight due to the delay.
  • If you booked your ticket, you don’t get a seat on your flight.
What are the important terms of the EasyJet cancellation policy?
The Important Terms of the EasyJet cancellation Policy are:

  • Cancel your ticket within a day of booking for free of cost cancellation.
  • After 24-hours of ticket purchase, you may have to pay charges for the cancellation.
  • You can take assistance from its customer service, or you can also use its official website.

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