Etihad Flight Ticket Cancellation Policy

If you want to cancel your Etihad Airways flight, we recommend that you first learn about the Etihad Cancellation Policy. This airline provides the greatest services and pricing to assist consumers in getting the most out of their trip. However, when a traveler wants to cancel a ticket, Etihad flight cancellation policy might cause issues.

Travel plans might change at any time. In addition, This article focuses on providing all the relevant information to assist you in canceling your Etihad Airways flight. Before requesting a cancellation, always read the terms and conditions to see any Etihad cancellation costs.

Etihad Cancellation Policy

Airlines provide you the most freedom when it comes to modifying and canceling tickets, allowing you to save all of the money you spent on your travel. The following are key considerations to remember when it comes to Etihad Airways cancellation policy.

  • Etihad Airways online cancellation service is a brand-new feature. This service is accessible at all of Etihad Airways’ destinations.
  • Flyers may swap or cancel unused tickets for a different reservation. According to the pricing rules, Etihad Airways may charge cancellation costs.
  • The client must produce the passenger’s valid identity on the ticket to receive a refund for an Etihad flight cancellation.
  • Etihad Airways will notify you of the appropriate cost if you want to cancel your reservation online. You may use your debit/credit card to pay Etihad cancellation fees and other penalties. As a result, the consumer should maintain the card information to execute the Etihad ticket cancellation reimbursement.
  • Etihad flight refunds will be sent to the same credit/debit card used to purchase the ticket.
  • You cannot cancel flight bookings purchased by cash, check, invoice, or other non-electronic payment methods.
  • Etihad’s cancellation policy is in effect for reservations booked on, via phone, through Etihad Airways, or at Etihad Airways ticket offices.
  • Regardless of the quality of service or pricing type selected, Etihad Airways’ flight cancellation policy applies to all kinds of fare regulations (limited and unlimited).
  • If an airline receives an Etihad flight cancellation or refund request; you cannot cancel it.

Etihad Airways 24 Hours Cancellation Policy 

In accordance with Etihad Airways cancellation policy, cancellations must be made within 24 hours.

  • Airways enables travelers to cancel a reservation for a full refund within 24 hours of making it. Otherwise, there will be no cancellation fee.
  • As a result, passengers can purchase tickets up to one week before the flight’s departure.
  • Travelers who book less than a week in advance have the option to cancel for free within 24 hours.

How to Cancel Etihad Booking ?

Via Online 

The following is Etihad Airways online cancellation procedure for flight cancellations:

  • Firstly, visit 
  • Then, select View or modify booking from the Manage tab.
  • Now, fill in your booking reference/ticket number as well as your surname.
  • Then, select “Find My Booking” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the flight you’d want to cancel.
  • Lastly, to cancel your reservation, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You may also use the smartphone app to amend or cancel your Etihad Airways flight reservation.

Cancellation of an Etihad Airways Reservation over the Phone

Please call the Etihad Airways cancellation representative at  1 (877) 690-0767 or 1 (860) 590-8822 if you are inexperienced with the internet or are having problems surfing the internet to request an Etihad flight cancellation. Airline representatives can assist you in the following ways:

  • To cancel your Etihad flight, please have your 6-digit reservation number or 13-digit ticket number handy.
  • Please check with your agent about Etihad Airways cancellation costs before submitting your request. In line with the pricing restrictions linked with your reservation, the agent will also keep you informed of Etihad’s cancellation policy.
  • Only request a flight cancellation if you agree to the expense of a refund to Etihad. It is not possible to cancel an Etihad ticket and receive a refund.
  • You will receive an email confirmation of your Etihad flight cancellation once it has been successfully canceled.
  • Refunds from Etihad Airways will be completed between 1430 days, depending on the original payment method.

Etihad Flight Cancellation at the Airport

  • By traveling to the departure airport up to 3 hours before the planned departure time, you can request cancellation of your Etihad flight at the airport check-in desk.
  • Please offer your Etihad agent your 6-digit reservation number or 13-digit ticket number.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact your airline representative for information on Etihad’s cancellation policy and other flight terms and restrictions.
  • Check out the Etihad Airways cancellation costs and reimbursements for your reservation.
  • Upon successful cancellation, the airline will send refunds to the original payment method.

Cancellation Charges for Etihad Airways

Depending on the itinerary and type of ticket booked, an Etihad Airways cancellation charge of $200 may apply. However, everything you need to know about the Etihad cancellation is right here.– 

  • The most restrictive fare rule occurs when an Etihad flight is canceled, and more than one fare regulation applies.
  • An Etihad flight cancellation reimbursement will be issued in line with the original reservation’s fare regulations if a reservation is canceled.
  • If you cancel your Etihad Airways ticket less than 96 hours before your scheduled flight departure, the airline will charge an extra 10% cancellation fee.
  • In the event of the loss of a family member, there is no cost for canceling an Etihad flight.

What is Etihad Airways Cancellation Policy for US Flights?

You may receive a full refund on fulfilling all of the following requirements, according to Etihad Airways’ cancellation policy in the United States:

  • Book flights to and from the United States at least seven days ahead of time.
  • You canceled your flight less than 24 hours after making the reservation.
  • You purchased your ticket from an Etihad Airways office in the United States.

How can I ask for a refund from Etihad if my flight is cancelled?

Within 15 months of the ticket’s expiration, you can request a full or partial refund. If the traveler paid in cash, they would deliver an Etihad Flight Cancellation Refund Withholding Check to the passenger’s address. If you paid for your flight using a credit or debit card, you would receive a refund in the same amount as the card. Ticket holders will not be able to transfer Refunds for Etihad ticket cancellations to another card account.

If I have an open ticket, how can I cancel an Etihad flight?

Etihad Airways reservations will be retained until you are ready to fly in the event of a forced cancellation. Because your ticket is valid until September 30, 2021, please do not hesitate to call Etihad Airways to cancel your reservation. If your Open Ticket has not been redeemed within one year of your flight being withdrawn, you can utilize Etihad. Refund for cancelled flights. Rebook your flight by calling 1 (877) 690-0767.

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