What is Japan Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Know every detail about the Japan Airlines cancellation policy here.

JAL Airlines is an international airline with headquarters in Japan. It operates many scheduled/ non-scheduled flights for both domestic and international passengers. It is a well-known carrier in the USA as well. Hence, the passengers here must be aware of Japan Airlines Cancellation policy to fly with convenience.

24 Hours Japan Airlines Cancellation Policy

There is a special 24 hours policy that comes in handy in exceptional situations. The Japan Airlines cancellation policy covid is one such example. Follow these points to make sure you get the best out of this policy:

  • If someone cancels a ticket within 24 hours of booking, they will receive a full refund. However, it isn’t applicable if the user has booked these tickets 1 week before the scheduled departure.
  • Under the 24 hours cancellation policy, users are entitled to receive the entire booking amount even if the ticket is a basic economy class.
  • Those who have refundable tickets need to pay the cancellation fee to Japan Airlines after the risk-free period is over.

How to Cancel Japan Airlines Flights?

There are three common ways of Japan Airlines ticket cancellation:

  • Online through the JAL website.
  • By reaching out to Japan Airlines Customer Service.
  • Cancel the booking at the airport.

Method 1: Japan Airlines Refund Online

  • Firstly, open the browser and visit the official website of Japan Airlines.
  • Log into your account with the correct credentials. However, if you don’t have such an account, skip this process by entering the confirmation number, and name into the JAL cancellations page. Fill in further details with the exact name from which the ticket was booked.
  • After that, go to the homepage and click the Flight | Hotel | Car option. When redirected to several links, click flight –> Manage JAL Reservations.
  • Follow this option path: JAL Cancel Reservation–> Manage Reservations–> Japan Airlines Cancel Reservation (button).
  • After that, fill in the details. For instance, confirmation number, last name/ first name, etc. Finally, click continue.
  • Review the flight details. It doesn’t matter if the user has booked a round trip or a one-way ticket, the entire booking must be canceled. One can’t cancel a segment of their booking.
  • Finally, one can check their refund status via the Travel Funds menu. The report stating eligibility to gain a refund will show up here. If the option says refundable, then the user can click the request a refund option.

Also, users can scroll to the bottom for the Japan Airlines JAL cancellation option. Here, they can click the cancel my reservation to cancel their ticket.

Method 2: Canceling Tickets Via Phone Calls

Wish to learn how to refund Japan airlines tickets, without going online? Follow these steps:

  • Firstly, call JAL’s Reservations Department on their toll-free number. After that, the user can discuss specific questions related to refunds, online ticket cancellation, fares, deductions, etc. on their booking.
  • Discuss with the JAL executives about your ticket cancellation. They will take actions that fit under the Japan Airlines refund policy.
  • Lastly, check the ticket refund options.

Method 3: Physically Cancel Booking at the Airport

In rare cases, the users can visit the airport physically to cancel their booking. Learn how to cancel japan airlines flights in offline mode:

  • Firstly, visit the airport from where the flight was scheduled to depart.
  • Also, go to the Japan Airlines Air Ticket Office located in the vicinity among many other offices of other airlines.
  • Lastly, meet the executives of Japan Airlines and learn how to refund Japan airlines tickets. They will assist you in the process, and you will receive the booking amount on the account from where the purchase was made.

Japan Airlines Refund Policy: Rules & Regulations

Have you booked your tickets with the Japanese carrier? If looking for cancellation, make sure you read these rules:

  • Canceling tickets on the day of departure invites penalty charges, as per the Japan airlines cancellation policy. Hence, the flyer has to pay cancellation charges. Also, they won’t receive the entire ticketing amount.
  • Tickets canceled after the flight departure won’t get a refund.
  • Refundable tickets also invite Japan Airlines cancellation fee, if asking for a refund.
  • Travelers booking tickets with basic fare can’t cancel their tickets.
  • A full refund is available on tickets that underwent cancellation within 24 hours of their purchase.
  • Also, if the risk-free period on non-refundable tickets is over, then the flyer can’t get full reimbursement for the canceled ticket.
  • If a user’s flight is running under delay by 4 hours or more, then they don’t have to pay any cancellation fee.
  • If the buyer is canceling a ticket within 24 hours of the purchase, they have to pay the cancellation fee. It happens when the scheduled departure is within 2 days of booking the flight.
  • Lastly, if the reason for ticket cancellation is bereavement, the user won’t have to pay cancellation fee.

Japan Airlines Cancellation FAQs

Does JAL do refunds?
Under the Japan Airlines Cancellation Policy, the company accepts refund requests for eligible tickets only after their departure date. Also, the Japan airlines customer service resolves these requests. If the ticket isn’t used, one can request reimbursement within 1 year and 30 days of its issuance. However, if the ticket is used, then the date of commencement of travel will be considered for the period.

Does Japan Airlines have a 24-hour Cancellation Policy?
JAL is known for delivering refunds without any trouble. If the booking happens one week/ more than one week before the departure, one can receive the refund within 24 hours. Also, one can hold their reservation at the quoted price without further payments.

Can you transit through Japan Covid?
Japan Airlines Cancellation Policy covid mentions that travelers who are directly flying to a third country through transit, without entering Japan, do not have to go through any Japanese inspection. Also, there isn’t a need to submit documents. However, users still have to follow the current travel restrictions of their destination.

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