Regarding flight cancellation with Silver Airways, it adds agony to the passengers. Canceling a flight would be a task, but it is easy with Silver Airways’ cancellation policy. We reserve flight tickets on a specific date by considering everything alright for the travel plan.

Silver Airways also provides a refund policy in which customers can claim a refund and get their money back within a few days. Silver Airways understands customers’ circumstances and permits them to cancel flight reservations. Further, the cancellation and refund policy of Silver Airways comes forward with flexible guidelines.

Terms & Conditions: Silver Airways Cancellation Policy

Customers need to cancel their flights anytime due to critical situations. We provide the key highlights regarding the cancellation process. Read the following points to understand better canceling your flight booking with Silver Airways.

  • As per the cancellation policy of Silver Airways, passengers can cancel their reservation within 24 hours of flight booking. Ensure that you reserve your flight at least a week from the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • If you cancel your flight after 24 hours of booking, you are not eligible for free flight cancellation. The airline takes some charges to process your flight cancellation.
  • Silver Airways’ cancellation policy allowed you to make your flight cancellation process in multiple ways. Customers can complete the cancellation the same way a customer reserved their flight.
  • If the customer purchases refundable tickets, they will be eligible for a refund. If not, they can not claim a refund from the airline. In that case, the airline will not refund you in any situation.
  • The airline allowed you to cancel your booking without worrying about the free cancellation window when you purchased two flight tickets. However, the airline would permit the ticket at the lowest price for cancellation.
  • Customers need to separate each ticket by inputting their PNR number when they make group bookings. If a customer requests for ticket cancellation, the airline will charge a fee only for a single flight ticket.

Silver Airways 24 Hours Flight Cancellation Policy

With Silver Airways Cancellation Policy, you can cancel your booking within 24 hours of flight reservation. The policy is made for those travelers who believe in early cancellation.

  • A 24-hour cancellation policy allows you to make flight cancellations in your critical situation without worrying about any loss.
  • Keep in mind that you have made your flight booking seven days before the flight’s departure.
  • This policy does not provide free cancellation on every ticket, depending on the type of ticket you purchased.
  • Customers cannot expect a full refund from the airline if they miss the duration of the free cancellation.

How Much Does Silver Airways Cancellation Charges?

Silver Airways charges a small fee if the customer does not follow the Silver Airways cancellation policy. The flight cancellation charges depend on the type of ticket.

  • Customers could avail of the advantage of free cancellation if they purchased a refundable fare ticket. They can cancel flight bookings within 24 hours of flight reservation.
  • Customers have to pay 90 USD if they do not follow the 24 hours flight cancellation policy of Silver Airways.
  • The charges for flight cancellations are higher for international bookings than for domestic bookings.

How to Cancel Silver Airways Tickets?

It is advisable to cancel your ticket in advance to avoid any loss. Because sometimes you can get the chance of free cancellation. In the Silver Airways Cancellation policy, you can find two easy ways to cancel your booking. Let’s discuss them.

Online Process To Cancel Flight Bookings

  • First, go to the official website of Silver Airways.
  • Select your language preference and location according to you.
  • Choose the “Manage My bookings” option shown on the screen.
  • Enter your PNR number, last name, and mail id. Select the continue button.
  • Now, you can choose the cancellation and confirm your cancellation.
  • Once your flight cancellation is made, you will receive mail and SMS regarding this.

Offline Process To Cancel Flight Bookings

  • To cancel your reservation, customers can directly call a live representative (801-401-9100) of Silver Airways.
  • Tell your PNR number and your name to them.
  • According to Silver Airways Cancellation Policy, they will check your eligibility and start your cancellation accordingly.
  • As soon as the flight cancellation is made, the airline will inform you of the same.

Silver Airways Refund Policy

The rules under which travellers can claim a refund are discussed in the refund policy. Considering this, you can avail of the full refund in the same manner as you made the flight reservation.

  • According to the cancellation policy of Silver Airways, customers can cancel their flight booking within 24 hours of booking.
  • If you reserve a flight ticket, you are allowed to get a full refund. It is possible when the flight booking is made before seven days of the booking.
  • A refund is not applicable on non-refundable flight tickets, especially when the customer does not follow the Silver Airways cancellation policy rules.
  • But, the flight refundable flight tickets are eligible for refunds.
  • However, if customers want their amount back another way, they can connect with Silver Airways immediately.

How Do I Change Flight On Silver Airways?

Changing your flight with Silver Airways is not a difficult task. The airline provides simple steps to change the flight for its customers whenever possible.

Steps To Change Flight:

  • First, you need to visit the official website of Silver Airways.
  • Select the “Oversee Travel” referenced beneath the airline logo.
  • Enter your Last Name and confirmation code.
  • Click on the continue button.
  • Move further with your queries regarding the change of flight.
  • It will take the charges for flight changes.


Suppose you are facing any issues in understanding the Silver Airways Cancellation Policy or refund policy. You can contact our professionals by calling our customer service helpline number to get assistance from them. Feel free to connect with us anytime!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my flight and rebook on Silver Airways?
You can cancel or change your flight with Silver Airways. But you may need to pay some cancellation or change fee depending on the type of ticket you booked.
How can I cancel my flight without a fee?
You can change your flight by implementing the 24 hours cancellation policy of Silver Airways.
How do I get a refund from Silver Airways?
Customers can request a refund by filling out the refund form provided by the airline. After that, you will receive your refunded amount within 7 to 14 business days.
What happens if Silver Airways cancels my flight?
If the airline cancels your flight, they will put you on another flight. If the schedule is unsuitable for you, you can request compensation for flight cancellation.

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