Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy

When things suddenly spiral out of control, and there’s nothing you can do, it might disrupt scheduled travels. We understand your dissatisfaction, especially when you have great hopes for your vacation and have no other option but to cancel it. Find out more about Virgin Atlantic cancellation policy and how to cancel your reservation.

Latest Update 2021: Virgin Atlantic Cancellation & Flexible Booking Policy

Virgin Atlantic’s flexible booking policy allows you to book confidently, knowing that you may make changes without incurring any additional fees.

You can modify your dates as many times as you need for any Virgin Atlantic flights and Virgin Holidays package. However, the conditions apply to holidays purchased on or after (March 3, 2021, for departures up to April 30, 2022) . If you’d prefer someone else to benefit from your ticket, you may modify the location or make one name change. Conditions applied! 

All you have to do now is make sure your new travel dates are before April 30th, 2023, and that you should make any adjustments before your original date of travel.

Few Points to Consider Before Virgin Atlantic Flight Cancellation

  • If you need to cancel your flight within 24 hours after booking, you can do so on the website without incurring any cancellation fees.
  • In addition, if you cancel your flight within the first 24 hours after booking it, you will receive a full refund without any further deductions if you cancel seven days before the scheduled departure date.
  • Issuing of Refunds and buying of tickets is as per the subject to Virgin Atlantic’s cancellation policy.
  • For additional information on flight cancellations or cancellation rules, contact Virgin Atlantic Customer Service. Our customer service representatives will assist you with a comprehensive solution.

Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy

  • As per new Virgin Atlantic’s flight cancellation policy, the airlines waive cancellation and changes costs for any tickets made in March. This is due to the consequences of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), which the World Health Organization just labeled a pandemic (WHO). 
  • Optional: Passengers who book flights between Wednesday, March 4, and Tuesday, March 31, will not be charged a cancellation fee.
  • For trips booked before September 30, 2020, all Virgin Atlantic flight cancellation costs are waived. All flights originating and arriving from BEL, London Heathrow (LHR), Glasgow (GLA), London Gatwick (LGW), and Manchester (MAN) are covered by the waiver (GLA).

Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy 24 Hours

If you need to cancel a ticket within 24 hours after buying it, you may do so by visiting a trusted site, and you do not have to pay cancellation fees. You do not wish to pay the cancellation fees for canceling tickets because Virgin Atlantic offers 24-hour cancellation coverage.

If you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of purchase, Virgin Atlantic will not charge you a cancellation fee. If you cancel your ticket more than 24 hours after booking, you will have to pay an extra price under the 24-hour cancellation policy. Both refundable and non-refundable tickets are subject to Virgin Atlantic’s 24-hour cancellation policy.

How to Cancel a Virgin Atlantic Reservation in Steps?

  • Firstly, go to the main Virgin Atlantic website.
  • Then, select “My booking” from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, fill in your surname and reservation number.
  • Then, From the list of booked flights, choose the booking you want to cancel.
  • Finally, to cancel your flight, follow the on-screen instructions.

It might be difficult to cancel a ticket using the Virgin Atlantic website or the official Virgin Atlantic mobile app. Email, calling , emailing Virgin Atlantic reservations, or visiting an airport check-in desk are all options for canceling your ticket. You can call the Virgin Atlantic reservation number to get a seat swiftly. Virgin Atlantic accepts ticket cancellations at all of its ticket offices throughout the world.

Phone Number for Virgin Atlantic Cancellation

We understand your travel requirements, and it is our responsibility to present you with all pertinent information. That’s why dedicated staff of travel specialists are here to address any of your issues regarding Virgin Atlantic’s cancellation policy.

You do not need to fill out a form to claim compensation if the delay on cancelation is from Virgin Atlantic. Simply contact Virgin Atlantic’s cancellation phone number 1 (800) 862-8621 or 1 (860) 590-8822, and they will tell you if your flight is eligible for a refund, how much it will cost, and if there is any more compensation available in addition to cost tickets.

Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Charges

If you request a government tax refund one month before your flight departure, the remaining amount will be charged as a cancellation fee. There will be no cancellation fee if you have an award ticket that is less expensive than Virgin Atlantic.

The airline will ask you a cancellation fee of $50 to cancel a Virgin Atlantic ticket with a Flying Club membership. At least 24 hours before your flight’s departure, you must notify the airline. If you are hesitant about your ticket reservation, you can hold it for 72 hours without paying for it.

Virgin Atlantic charges cancellation costs depending on flight cancellation time. Passengers who bought a non-refundable ticket will only get a refund for the tax value.

How to discover whether I’m eligible for compensation if my Virgin flight is delayed, canceled, or overbooked?

In certain cases, if the airline reschedules or cancels the flight, it will reimburse you for the cost of your ticket. Passengers are not entitled to Virgin Atlantic flight cancellation compensation unless the flight is canceled due to “exceptional circumstances,” passengers are not entitled to Virgin Atlantic flight cancellation compensation. Bad weather, political unrest, and natural calamities are examples of special conditions.

Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Refund Policy

If you do cancellations within 24 hours of reservation then you will have to pay a cancellation fee. The airline will use Virgin Atlantic’s cancellation and refund policies to compute refunds. The airline will remove the cancellation cost from the total ticket price, and reimburse the balance to your account in 3 weeks. With an airline membership, I’ll be traveling to Virgin Atlantic. To receive a refund, you must pay $50. Extra charges will apply for a non-refundable ticket if you do not cancel your ticket within 24 hours.

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