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Air France Booking – Plan your Comfy Vacations with Air France

Do you need to fly to/from France? Are you dicey about choosing a perfect air travel partner? Try Air France Booking and fly comfortably to your ideal destination. Being a flag carrier of France, Air France offers flights to over 160 destinations in about 93 countries worldwide and has been a legacy carrier since 1933. Therefore, if you are planning on a holiday to a specific location, choose Air France and fly without hassle.

Moreover,  booking a flight with Air France is also a simple process. The airline offers you several booking methods, and you can grab good flight deals and discounts. Now, let’s take a further look at the services and options that Air France offers to all its passengers.

How to Make Air France Booking Online?

If you are enticed by the number of destinations offered by Air France, you can move further and confirm your flights with them. In order to make an Air France Flight booking, you can simply follow a series of steps online and ensure a comfortable flight. 

Here are the Steps to Book an Air France Flight online:

  • Firstly visit the site on your device and enter their book a flight section.
  • After that, choose the Book with Miles option if you have a frequent flyer facility on Air France; otherwise, simply proceed with Air France com booking
  • Now, select the type of booking, i.e., round trip or one way.
  • Further, choose your departure and arrival locations with the airport information.
  • Now select the preferred travel dates and then provide the number of passengers.
  • Also, choose your travel class and continue by clicking on the “Search Flights button.”
  • After that, you can choose a suitable flight from the list of available flights and book it by following the onscreen prompts.

Once your Air France ticket booking has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email from the airline. This email will contain all the booking information and the baggage and check-in requirements of the booking. Further, if you need any details, read on and find it out.

How do I Book Air France booking via an Offline Method?

If you are willing to make Air France booking via an offline method, then here are the easy steps that you must follow:

  • To initiate the booking procedure, you need to dial the helpline number of Air France.
  • After that, you have to hear the automated on-call voice instructions carefully.
  • Next, as per the on-call voice instructions, you need to press an ideal button on your device.
  • Now, you will get connected to the customer service of Air France.
  • Here, you have to provide the needed information to its representative.
  • You can also share the details of the facilities you want to add to your booking.
  • Lastly, you have to select the ideal payment method and pay for the ticket along with the add-on facilities. 

Air France in-flight Services

Did you recently purchase the flight tickets of Air France and are now seeking to know about the Air France in-flight services? If yes, then check out the below-mentioned information carefully:

  • If you have booked the economy class of Air France, then you will get complimentary drinks like coffee, tea, water, alcohol, and fruit juice.
  • You can also get snacks and your preferred sweets.
  • The passengers who purchase the flight tickets of the international economy and premium economy class of Air France will get tasty hot meals and cold or hot drinks.
  • They will also get breakfast while flying in these travel classes.
  • The passengers flying in the Air France business class will get a gourmet basket they can use in the bar. They can also choose among the four special chef meals.
  • Champagne and other drinks will be available for them to have a wonderful trip with Air France.

If you want to know more about the Air France in-flight services, you need to dial Air France booking phone number 1 (800) 237-2747 or +1-860-590-8822.

What is the Air France Frequent Flyer Program?

Do you wish to know about the Air France frequent flyer program? If yes, then you need to go through the below-mentioned information carefully:

  • With its frequent flyer program, you will get extra legroom and a last-minute upgrade.
  • You can likewise earn several points by using this frequent flyer program. With the help of these miles, you can purchase the services from Air France without spending your money.
  • The frequent flyer program of Air France will allow you to get priority check-in and boarding. 
  • Even if you don’t travel with Air France, you will also earn miles.
  • You can spend miles on upgrading your travel class, seats, etc, with the help of a frequent flyer program.

Keep the information mentioned above about the frequent flyer program of Air France in your mind. You will indeed find these points useful while flying with Air France.

Air France Check-in Facilities

Online check-in

Passengers can check-in for their Air France booking online by entering the booking reference number. It is generated when booking the flight and allows you to select the preferred seat for flight travel. Passengers can check-in and receive a boarding pass 24 hours before the flight takes off. In addition to seats, passengers can also book their favorite meals, check their luggage in advance, etc.

Mobile check-in

Passengers can also choose to check-in via smartphone. After online check-in using a mobile phone, the electronic boarding pass and receipt will be forwarded to the registered e-mail address of the passenger. You need to print your boarding pass before boarding.

Select Your Seats onboard at Air France Flights

Do you prefer windows or walkways? Are you traveling as a family? Do you want to know where you are sitting immediately after booking a trip? If you want to sit in a specific seat, you can enjoy more seating options or make sure you can sit with your travel partner. You just need to use the Air France manage booking service and choose where you wish to sit on the plane. 

Moreover, selecting a preferred seat on board is as simple as booking. Air France Booking offers you a selection of standard seating to freely choose between. This service is available on all Air France Flights for Economy cabins except for the metropolitan France Flights.

How to Select a Seat with Your Air France Booking?

Passengers can simply choose a seat by calling Air France Customer service or visiting the online website. The airline allows you to call the Air France representatives over the phone and request a seat selection. Further, you can use the online app or website to select the seats of your choice. Besides, interested passengers can also visit the ticket office or travel agencies and confirm a seat onboard.

Air France Economy Class & Seats

Air France economy class tickets provide you with an unprecedented comfortable experience, especially on long-haul flights. Now fly easily with 118-degree reclining seats, personal phones, winged headrests, touch screen monitors, and entertainment systems.  You can dial Air France contact number and speak to an agent to book seats in Economy.

Besides, there are two variants of inflight meals. On short-haul routes, airlines serve snacks, while on mid-haul routes, economy class passengers serve three-course cold meals and alcoholic beverages. Also, the Passengers can choose additional legroom through the Seat Plus that is usually provided at the aircraft’s exit, depending on the design of the aircraft.

Premium Economy Cabins on Air France Flights

The cabin can be used on intercontinental flights and is very suitable for passengers who want to work privately and quietly on board because there are few seats in the cabin and there are dividing lines into both sides. The seat is equipped with a large personal touch screen, noise-canceling headphones, adjustable reading lights, and USB ports. With 40% extra spacious seats than in economy, the premium economy seats can also be reclined to ensure no passenger gets disturbed onboard.

Get Sheer Luxury with Air France Business Class

The Business class seats on Air France are transferable to form bets that measure up to 6.5 feet in length. There are seat controls that help provide maximum comfort to the passengers. Besides, you can get 500 hours of free entertainment that allows you to enjoy air travel to the fullest. And other facilities include a pillow, travel kit with a sleep mask, duvet, and moisturizer. 

Furthermore, you get to enjoy Michelin-star food served with French wines, which add more spice to your travel. Also, you are free to contact Air France phone number if you need any help regarding their business class services.

Increase Your Comfort with Air France La Premier Class.

We know business class is the limit for luxury in the airlines, but when traveling by Air France, that is just the beginning. Making an Air France Booking in La Premier Class allows you to enhance your comfort to the next level. Expect the best of the best with this first-class experience and relish your time in the air. Further, you can enjoy 1000+ hours of entertainment on their 24-inch big screen and also enjoy a lavish air travel journey.

Contact Air France Customer Service & Solve Your Queries 

Though Air France is a huge name in the airline industry, there are still exceptions that make you face some problems while booking. Therefore, the airline wants to make sure that all customer queries are properly addressed. And to provide unprecedented assistance, the airline has a dedicated Air France customer service number. You can dial this number and speak to the airline experts as and when required.

Furthermore, the benefits do not end here. You can visit the official website and find the contact us page. On this page, you’ll see all the related topics that a passenger may need help with. And if your queries aren’t adhered to, you are free to give the airline a call. 

Besides, if you are from the USA, you can simply connect with Air France customer service USA. This gives you the privilege to talk to the airline experts in your preferred language. Also, you can communicate with the airline executives who will further assist you in finding the best deals and discounts on flights.

Interested passengers can even give a call on the Air France US phone number +1-860-590-8822 and seek the necessary guidance. Therefore, now booking flights will become even easier. So, Hurry up, and find your ideal options now!

Baggage Allowance of Air France Booking

When you initiate your Air France Reservation, you’ll see the baggage allowance as per your choice of class or your Flying Blue status. Suppose you have already made a flight reservation and only need to know about their baggage allowance. In that case, you can view the flight ticket on the My Bookings tab and view the allowed baggage limit with your flights.

Carry-on Baggage

The economy class allows one piece of hand luggage and one accessory, neither weighing more than 12 kg. This is the allowable weight limit for carry-on luggage on Air France Booking. The remaining cabins, including Premium Economy, Business, and Premiere Cabins, are allowed to carry two pieces of hand luggage and one accessory. Besides, the total weight shall not exceed 18 kg. The dimensions of hand luggage must not exceed 55 x 35 x 25 cm.

Checked Baggage

Air France generally allows one item weighing 23 kg in the economy class and two items weighing no more than 23 kg in the preferred economy class. Business-class allows two pieces of checked luggage, each weighing 32 kg, while La Premiere cabin allows three items, each weighing 32 kg. Elite Plus, Flying Blue, and SkyTeam Elite members can take free extra checked baggage with the same weight as the travel class. 

Furthermore, Infants can carry 10 kg of checked baggage. Passengers who need to carry more items and luggage can purchase the luggage option online at any time and enjoy a 20% discount on the airport rate. You can also contact the Air France reservation number to know more about the allowed checked baggage limits.

What is Air France Cancellation Policy?

After you have learned about the most-recommended cancellation methods of Air France, you should also check out the cancellation policies of Air France. Here are the ultimate terms that you should keep in mind:

Let’s first learn about the standard Air France cancellation policy,

  • As per the Air France cancellation policy, you can complete the cancellation procedure by visiting its official website and also with the help of its customer service.
  • You can complete the cancellation for free, only if the cancellation happens within a day of reservation.
  • But, you need to pay penalties for the cancellation after a day of reservation.

Now, let’s know the major points of Air France 24-hours cancellation policy,

  • According to the Air France 24-hours cancellation policy, you can cancel for free.
  • But, if you don’t follow the 24-hours time rule of Air France, then you need to pay for the cancellation.

To get more information related to the cancellation policies of Air France, you need to consult its customer service, or you can also reach out to its website.

Air France Cancellation Fees

Before canceling your Air France flight ticket, you need to know about the cancellation fees. So, if you are willing to know about the cancellation fees of Air France, then check the points listed below:

  • The cancellation fees on Air France are between USD 100 to USD 500.
  • But, you can skip the cancellation fees on Air France by following its cancellation policies.
  • The cancellation fees on Air France also depend on the travel class and travel destination. 

If you want to get the exact number, you need to talk to its customer service anytime.

How to Cancel my Air France Flight Ticket?

If you have recently booked the flight ticket of Air France and are now looking to cancel a booking, then here are some of the most recommended methods that you can follow:

Let’s start with the online cancellation procedure,

  • If you are looking to cancel an Air France booking online, you have to open its official website on your ideal device.
  • Next, you have to sign in to your account easily.
  • After that, you need to visit the “Manage My Booking” page on the Air France website.
  • From this page, you have to navigate your recently booked ticket.
  • Once you find your ticket, you need to open it and scroll down to the bottom.
  • Here, you will find the cancellation icon.
  • Press the cancellation icon to cancel your ticket successfully. 

Let’s learn about the offline cancellation procedure,

  • You need to dial the helpline number to start the offline cancellation procedure.
  • But if you don’t have the helpline number of Air France, you need to reach its website and visit the “Contact Us” page where you will find a list that includes the toll-free numbers based on the different regions.
  • Select the toll-free number and copy it to your device’s dial-pad.
  • Press the calling button, and then according to the voice assistant, you need to tap the key to get connected with its customer service.
  • When you finally get connected with Air France customer service, you have to share your booking information with the executive.
  • The live representative of Air France will do the rest and cancel your ticket instantly.

After completing the procedure, you will receive an email that includes the details about the cancellation of your Air France ticket.

What is Refund Policy of Air France?

After you have learned about the refund procedures of Air France, then you need to know about the refund policy of Air France. With this policy, you will get your money back from Air France without facing any hurdles:

  • The refund policy of Air France allows you to apply for a refund through its official website and customer service.
  • You can get a complete refund from Air France for a non-refundable ticket within a day of reservation.
  • But, you will not get a refund from Air France for a non-refundable ticket after 24-hours of reservation.
  • Air France will transfer your refund within a week from the day you apply for it.

To learn more about the refund policy of Air France, you need to consult with its live representative, or you can also take a look at its official website.

How do I Get my Refund from Air France Booking?

If you have already canceled your Air France booking, you need to know about the methodologies that can assist you in getting the refund from Air France. Well, carefully take a glance at the procedures that can guide you in getting your money back from Air France:

Online method to get a refund,

  • Do you wish to take a refund from Air France? Via online method? Well, for that, you need first to open its official website. 
  • Then, sign in to your account.
  • After that, you have to visit the “Manage My Booking” page.
  • Here, you need to type the information about your canceled ticket.
  • When you find your canceled Air France ticket, you have to open it.
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click on the refund icon.
  • Follow all the needed on-screen info to complete the refund process.

Offline method to get a refund,

  • To apply for a refund through an offline method, you should dial its toll-free contact number.
  • Next, you need to listen to the on-call voice commands carefully.
  • After that, you have to click the key to help you connect with the Air France customer service.
  • You need to share the details with its customer service live representative.
  • Lastly, you have to ask for a refund from Air France.

How Can I Make Customizations on Air France Booking?

Did you notice any errors in your Air France booking? Are you willing to make customizations and clear the errors? Well, if that is what you want, then here are the two best and most recommended procedures that can help you in making the needed customizations on your Air France booking:

Online Method for Customization,

  • Open the official website of Air France and then log into your account.
  • Secondly, you have to tap the “Manage My Booking” option.
  • After that, enter your ticket information to find the recently booked Air France ticket.
  • Next, you need to tap the “Edit” button.
  • Now, you can make the necessary customizations on your Air France booking.
  • Complete the payment for the customization.

Offline Method for Customization,

  • Dial the registered toll-free number of Air France.
  • After that, you need to hear the on-call automated instructions carefully.
  • Follow the on-call automated instructions and press the key to connect with its customer service.
  • Once you get connected to its Air France customer service, you must share your booking info.
  • Next, you have to provide the details of the customizations you want on your booking.
  • Pay for the customizations.

What is Air France Change Policy?

If you are going to make any changes or customizations on your Air France booking, you should also learn about the important information about its change policy. 

Have a glance at the points that you should keep in mind,

  • As per the Air France change policy, you can make the changes or customizations through its official website and customer service.
  • The customizations done within a day of the reservation are free of cost on Air France.
  • But, the customizations done after a day of the reservation are chargeable. 
  • The penalties for making changes or customizations on Air France depend on the travel class and destination.

If you are willing to know more about the change policy of Air France, then you need to reach out to its website, or you can also get in touch with its customer service.

How Can I use the Manage Booking Feature of Air France?

Did you recently learn about the Manage Booking feature of Air France? Do you want to know about the using procedure of this feature? If yes, then check the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit its official website.
  • Log into your account.
  • Check the title bar of the website carefully.
  • Here, you will navigate the “Manage My Booking” option.
  • Press it.
  • Now, you need to fill in the information about your booking.
  • After that, you can use this feature for changes, editing, cancel, refund, etc. 

You can get more information related to this feature from the customer service of Air France. 

How do I Speak to a Live Person at Air France?

Are you having any issues or looking to find answers to your queries? If yes, that is why you are looking to speak to a live person at Air France? Well, you need to follow the working procedures mentioned below, which can help you in connecting with its agent:

Connect with Air France through Email,
  • Email is one of the best ways to talk to a live representative at Air France.
  • You need to write your email and send it directly to Air France official email address [email protected].
  • Passengers should also put your contact details on your email so that the live customer service representative of Air France will contact you.
Connect with Air France through Live Chat,
  • The live chat feature of Air France can indeed help you in connecting with its customer service executive.
  • You need to visit the official website of Air France and log into your account.
  • After that, you must locate the live chat icon on its homepage.
  • Press the live chat icon and then type your contact information. 
  • Soon the live customer service agent of Air France will connect with you.
Connect with Air France through a Phone Call,
  • A phone call is considered the best and easiest way to connect with a live agent at Air France.
  • Firstly, you need to dial the ideal Air France customer service toll-free number 1 (800) 237-2747 or +1-860-590-882 to connect with its live representative.
  • Secondly, you have to listen to the on-call IVR menu carefully.
  • Afterward, you need to click on the right key, which will lead you to connect with its live agent instantly.
Connect with Air France through Social Media,
  • You must first follow its social media pages to connect with Air France live person via social media. 
  • You need to search the social media pages of Air France on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • Then, you can send messages directly to its live person. 
  • You can also share your phone details and request a callback.

With the guidance of these methodologies mentioned above, you can speak with a live person at Air France anytime. 

What is Air France Unaccompanied Minor Policy?

If you are among the parents willing to send their minors to any destinations alone, then the unaccompanied minor policy will be perfect for you. The same goes with Air France; you should go with the Air France Unaccompanied Minor Policy to get the needed help for your minors.

Here, you will get the important points about its unaccompanied minor policy:

  • As per its minor policy, kids below two years old are not allowed to travel alone on Air France. 
  • Kids within two years old need an adult of at least 18 years old.
  • The minors between two to four years old also need an adult of at least 18 years while flying with Air France.
  • Minors between five to 11 years old can travel alone but need to take unaccompanied minor service of Air France.
  • If minors are between 12 and 17 years old, they don’t need unaccompanied minor services. 

You need to keep these points in mind while letting your kids travel with Air France alone. 

What is Air France Group Travel Policy?

If you are travelling with your group, it will be better for you to learn about the Air France Group Travel Policy. So, to get the complete information about the group travel policy, you should go through the below-mentioned terms carefully:

  • As per its group travel policy, you need to have at least ten members in your group to make a group travel booking.
  • You can make a group travel booking with the help of its official website and customer service.
  • Passengers can make changes to their booking.

Get more info about its group travel policy; you can speak with its live person or go through its customer service. 

Air France FAQs

How can I know if my ticket has been confirmed?
After completing your reservation, you’ll get a confirmation screen with a booking number. This seals the deal on your reservation. Your ticket is produced in an Air France database once you have paid for your journey. You’ll then receive an email with a trip summary that includes all of the relevant information regarding your trip, as well as certain legal requirements. There is no need for any additional confirmation.
Is it possible to get a refund for a ticket that I didn’t use?
It is dependent on your ticket and class of travel. Some are refundable and some are not but only under specified conditions before the journey begins. Service costs are nonrefundable. If you haven’t utilized all or part of your ticket, you may be entitled to a tax refund. The kind of ticket determines this (refundable or nonrefundable, one-way or return), the ticket price, and the nation’s rules where travelers have purchased the ticket. Please note that you have the option of purchasing “Cancelation – Missed Flight” insurance when booking your ticket.
If I check in on my phone, can I pick my seat?
When checking in by mobile phone, you may confirm or change your seat option using the Air France cabin layout tool. Seat selection is only possible at the airport at a Self-Service Kiosk or the check-in desk if you have booked a Mini price ticket.
Is it okay if I bring my hair straightening irons?
Hair straightening or curling irons, even if they contain hydrocarbon gas, are allowed in the cabin and the hold. Travelers must properly fasten the heating element’s safety cover. It is important to know that using the iron or transporting gas refill cartridges is not permitted onboard the flight.
Per individual, just one item is allowed.
Is it possible to bring medical equipment into the cabin?
The cabin allows walking sticks, crutches, walkers, oxygen tanks, syringes, concentrators, and ventilators.
If you use syringes, make sure you follow all safety precautions while handling and discarding spent tubes. To complete the airport security screening procedure, you must provide a prescription for these syringes. Concentrators and ventilators must adhere to the 115 cm / 45 in (height + length + width) maximum size for hand luggage.
May I use more than one credit or debit card when making an online payment?
Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone if you wish to purchase tickets with more than one credit or debit card. Choose the “pay by phone” option when reserving your ticket online and contact us within the following 24 hours. You can even purchase multiple tickets online in separate transactions.
What is the maximum number of trips I may book at one time?
Only one trip may be planned and paid for at a time, and that trip can comprise up to six flight legs. Return to the main page’s “Plan your trip” section to book more trips.
When is the deadline to purchase a ticket online?
  • For international destinations, you can book up to 6 hours before the flight’s departure time.
  • Within metropolitan France and Europe, 1 hour.
  • The deadline for reserving online for specific places may be different:
  • Twenty-four hours to and from North Africa, three days to and from South America, other African locations (excluding Egypt and South Africa), and Brazil.
Is there a newspaper and magazine option onboard?
You may download a broad range of French and foreign digital magazines and newspapers for free to your smartphone or tablet using the Air France Play app. Flyers can use this press before, during, and after your flight. You may download Air France Madame or Air France Magazine for free at any time, even if you don’t have an Air France reservation.
What is the procedure for claiming missing Miles?
For flights operated and maintained by KLM or Air France, all you must do is email copies of your tickets and boarding pass to Flying Blue customer service at the time of travel. For other partner airlines flights, including non-partner carriers and SkyTeam, send a copy of boarding pass and ticket to customer service of Flying Blue. If you ordered an upgrade, however, attach a copy of your payment proof.
On Air France flights, what kind of meals are served?

Your onboard meal is determined by your travel class, location, and time of day. Based on these parameters, breakfast, snack, lunch, or supper will be served. All Air France flights include a selection of drinks.

  • In the Economy and Premium Economy seats on most long-haul flights, you can order an “A la Carte” meal. Air France “A la Carte” Menu offers a diverse range of dishes. These dishes will allow you to have a unique gastronomic experience throughout your battle. Simply request it when making your flight reservation or in Air France official website’s “Review/modify your reservations” section. Kindly ensure to request up to 24 hours before your departure.
  • If you are on a particular diet, you can order a special meal (vegetarian, kosher, sodium-free, etc.) on Air France international flights. Please make your special food order when booking your ticket or in My Bookings at least 48 hours before your departure.

Please keep in mind that if you choose a special meal, your whole dining experience onboard will be customized to meet your needs: breakfast, snacks, lunch, or dinner.

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