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If you are planning a trip and looking for flight booking options, then Emirates can be the best choice for you. The airline is based in Dubai, and renowned for the ultimate comfort and luxury provided on the flight. Emirates airlines is the world’s fourth-largest airline in terms of passengers carried internationally. The airline is one of the few airlines, which serves its services to six continents. If you also want to travel via Emirates flight, then make Emirates airlines booking from the official website of the airline.

Moreover, Emirates operates more than 3600 flights per week from the central hub at Dubai international airport. The scheduled flights of the airline go to more than 150 destinations in 80 countries.

Things to Know Before Making an Emirates Flight Booking!

There are certain things that every individual should know. These may help you to have a comfortable experience with Emirates airlines.

Emirates Baggage Policy:

The sole focus of Emirates airlines is the convenience of passengers. The airline aims that none of the passengers face any difficulty on the flight or even at the airport. That is why the airline has created an extensive baggage policy, which will help you to avoid any trouble due to baggage.

If you want to talk with a travel professional about Emirates baggage policy, then give a contact on Emirates baggage help desk. A few details about the baggage allowance to passengers are given below.

  • Passengers traveling with an Economy class ticket are entitled to carry one bag on the flight without any fee.
  • However, the carry bag should not be weighing more than 7kg and should follow the size limit of 45 linear inches.
  • First and Business class travelers are allowed on the flight with one briefcase and one handbag or one garment bag.
  • The maximum dimension for the briefcase, handbag, and garment bag is 40 linear inches, 45 linear inches, and 8 inches, respectively.
  • However, the combined weight limit for the carry-on luggage must be less than 12kg.
  • Passengers can travel with extra bags by applying for checked baggage allowance. You would be required to pay a baggage fee for the checked baggage allowance, which you can pay at the time of Emirates airlines booking or from the official website of the airline.

In-flight Amenities:

Emirates airlines ensure that passengers experience a pleasant air travel on the flight. The airlines provide satisfactory services on the plane; these services may vary depending on the travel class, route, and airfare.

A few points showing provided amenities on the flight are mentioned below. You can also ask an expert about these services by calling on Emirates helpdesk.

  • Complimentary wines and multi-course meals are provided on the flight.
  • All the passengers traveling on the flight are offered an unlimited amount of entertainment stuff, including 300 movies, 350 television shows, 100 video games, and 800 audio channels.
  • USB availability so that passengers can watch photos on the screen in front.
  • Playlist availability so that passengers can make a personalized compilation.
  • Spacious seats featured with in-seats power outlet and USB ports.
  • Phone, SMS, and Email service availability for every seat.

These are a few amazing amenities provided on the Emirates flight. Visit the official website of the airline, if you want to know more about in-flight services. If you also want to enjoy the fantastic services offered on the flight, then make Emirates flight booking immediately.

How to Make Emirates Airlines Booking Online?

Sometimes, people face problems while making flight reservations. That is why Emirates has made the ticket booking process so simple. Passengers can make flight reservations from the official website, mobile application, and reservation number.

Emirates official site: The official website of the airline is the best place to book flight tickets, as it features a vast range of flight deals offered by Emirates. It also features authentic airline data. You can easily make a flight reservation from the flight booking sections.

Emirates contact number: It is the best way to connect with an airline representative immediately. This number is 24/7 available so that you can get experts assistance at any hour in a day. Ask an expert about flight reservation, and provide the necessary details to book the ticket.

Emirates mobile app: The airline has launched a mobile application, which is available at Google play store for android users and Apple store for iOS users. Download and install the app to avail the Emirates services on your fingertips. You can easily make Emirates airlines booking from the flight booking section available on the home screen of the app.

How can I make the most affordable Emirates Airlines booking?

If you are planning to choose Emirates Airlines for your next trip, then you must be looking to make the most affordable Emirates Airlines booking. Well, if that is what you are seeking, then here is the information that can assist you in the best possible way:

  • To get the most affordable Emirates Airlines tickets, you should go with its official website, or you can also take assistance from its customer service.
  • You can find several discount vouchers and sales coupons to help you get your hands on the pocket-friendly Emirates Airlines flight tickets. 
  • If you book the Emirates Airlines tickets in advance, you can get the cheapest flight deals.
  • You can also use the miles or reward points to get the most affordable Emirates Airlines tickets. 
  • It would help if you also compared the ticket price on different sites. It will also assist you in getting the cheapest flight tickets from Emirates Airlines.
  • The best time to get the cheapest Emirates Airlines tickets is on Friday. 

How do I select seats on Emirates Airlines?

Are you among the prime travelers who always wanted to fly while sitting on your favorite seat? Well, don’t worry! If yes, is that why you want to know about the procedures to select seats on Emirates Airlines? 

Below are the ultimate procedures which can help you in selecting your favorite seats on Emirates Airlines:

Online Seat Selection Procedure,

  • First, you must visit Emirates Airlines official website to initiate the online seat selection procedure. 
  • Secondly, you must enter your login credentials to sign in to your account successfully.
  • Afterward, it would help if you typed the name of the destinations where you want to visit.
  • Next, you have to select the ideal Emirates Airlines flight.
  • Here, you need to fill in all the details of the passengers. 
  • Now, you must check the seat map and choose your favorite seat.
  • Tap on your preferred seat and complete the booking by paying for the ticket.

Offline Seat Selection Procedure,

  • To start the offline procedure, you need to dial Emirates Airlines seat selection phone number 1 800 777 3999 or +1-860-590-8822 to speak with its live person. 
  • Secondly, you have to listen to the computerized IVR commands carefully.
  • Afterward, you must enter the correct key to connect with its live agent.
  • When the Emirates Airlines live person finally connects with you, you need to share the name of the destination where you want to fly and request your favorite seat selection. 
  • Choose the ideal flight and then provide your seat preference to the live person of Emirates Airlines.
  • Lastly, you must pay for the ticket to confirm your seat booking.

You should follow these Emirates Airlines seat selection procedures to book your favorite seats easily. 

What is Emirates Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

If you have already selected your favorite seats on Emirates Airlines, then you should also learn the important points of its seat selection policy. Here are some of the essential terms which can explain the seat selection policy of Emirates Airlines:

  • According to the Emirates Airlines seat selection policy, you can use its official website or customer service to select your favorite seats.
  • If you forget to select your favorite seat while booking, you can also get your seats booked after booking.
  • Selecting your favorite seat after booking will cause you some penalty.

For further information about its seat selection policy, you should dial Emirates Airlines seat selection phone number 1 800 777 3999 or +1-860-590-8822.

How to Make Check-in on Emirates Airlines?

Are you willing to get an in-depth understanding of Emirates Airlines check-in procedures? If yes, then look at the below-mentioned points carefully:

  • Online check-in procedure

You can use the official website of Emirates Airlines for online check-in. You need to make sure that your availability should be before 48 hours of scheduled departure. 

  • Airport check-in procedure

To complete your check-in at the airport, you must visit the airport’s check-in help desk. 

If you wish to get further details about its check-in, you need to dial its ideal phone number and speak with its live person. 

What is Emirates Airlines Frequent Flyer Program?

Do you want in-depth information about the Emirates Airlines frequent flyer program? If yes, then look at the details mentioned below:

  • The regular flyer program of Emirates Airlines is also known as Emirates Skywards.
  • Emirates Airlines Skywards is a four-tier frequent-flyer facility that 8.4 million travelers use to their advantage.
  • There are three different tiers which include Blue, Silver, and Gold.
  • The Blue and silver tiers require 25000 miles, and the gold level requires 50,000 miles.
  • It also consists of a platinum tier which requires 150,000 miles.

As a result, to get more details about the frequent flyer program of Emirates Airlines, you should connect with its live person or visit its official site. 

What is the Baggage Allowance of Emirates Airlines?

Are you willing to learn about Emirates Airlines baggage allowance? If yes, then take a glance at the information mentioned below:

  • If you have booked the economy class flight tickets of Emirates Airlines, then you can take one cabin baggage with you.
  • But the size and weight of the cabin bag must not exceed 55*38*20cm and 7kgs. You can also take one checked-in bag; its size and weight must not exceed 300 cm and 35 kgs.
  • Moreover, for the Emirates Airlines business class booking, you can take two cabin baggage and one checked-in bag. The size and weight of the cabin bag must not exceed 55*38*20cm and 7ksg.
  • The size and weight of the checked-in baggage must not exceed 300 cm and 40 kgs. 
  • The first class Emirates Airlines flight passengers can take two cabin baggage and one checked-in bag. The size and weight of the cabin bag must not exceed 55*38*20cm and 7kgs.
  • The size and weight of the checked-in baggage must not exceed 300 cm and 50 kgs.

If you want further information, you need to dial Emirates Airlines phone 1 800 777 3999 or +1-860-590-8822 and speak with its live person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a free first-class ticket on Emirates Airlines?
Yes, you can probably get a free first-class ticket on Emirates Airlines. Using the first class reward points, you can get your hands on the free Emirates Airlines first class ticket.
What are the Emirates Airlines cancellation fees?
You need to pay around USD 200 as a cancellation fee on Emirates Airlines.
Is it possible to get my money back from Emirates Airlines?
Yes, you can get your money back from Emirates Airlines. You can use its official website or get through its customer service to apply for a refund.
How can I get my favorite seat on Emirates Airlines?
You need to take assistance from its live agent or visit Emirates Airlines official website for seat selection.
How do I contact Emirates Airlines customer service?
The best way to contact Emirates Airlines live customer service representative is via Emirates Airlines phone number 1 800 777 3999 or +1-860-590-8822.
Can I check in on my Emirates Airlines flight via the online method?
Yes, you can also check in Emirates Airlines flights via an online method.

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