KLM Flight Booking 

Are you considering flying with KLM Airlines? You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking useful information. Continue reading to discover more about KLM Booking.

Using the “My Trips” feature, you may pick up, edit, check and manage your bookings with KLM. The airline established this service to allow travelers to monitor and alter their KLM reservations from the convenience of their own homes. However, You may access your itinerary at any time and from any location. Using this option is a pretty straightforward procedure.

About KLM Airlines

KLM Airlines is one of the world’s major airlines, with on-time departures and great service on flights to destinations all around the globe. It is the world’s oldest airline, having been formed in 1919. In 2004, KLM Airlines amalgamated with Air France, a French airline, and now operates from the Charles De Gaulle airport hub. Despite its low rates, this airline has managed to establish itself as one of the top airlines in terms of service quality and competence. It covers a wide range of routes throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Why Choose KLM for Your Next Trip?

Miles are earned every time you fly with KLM or one of KLM’s partners. You may use them to purchase reward tickets, more options, and discounts on various items and services. If you’re still not convinced about “Why choose KLM?” then have a look at the KLM app and its features, which is enough to persuade you.

The KLM app offers what you need when you need it, whether you still need to book or have already reserved your next KLM Airlines Booking. It’s the one-on-one travel companion you’ve always wanted!

Book Flights

Select the most convenient flight, date, and price type, then book directly from the KLM app. You have up to 24 hours to finish your payment without incurring any extra fees. Save your personal information to make KLM flight booking even faster.

Payment on the Go

Save your credit card information so you can book flights, KLM Seat selection, add luggage, and more with one tap.

KLM Manage Booking Services

Save your travel information, choose or modify your seat, add more alternatives, or make itinerary modifications. The greatest deals are displayed on the KLM app.

Mobile Check-In

There’s no need to enter your passport information manually; simply scan it with your phone’s camera, and you’re set to go.

Mobile Boarding Pass

 By accessing your mobile boarding pass in the KLM app or saving it to your Wallet, you’ll always have your boarding pass handy.

Real-Time Flight Updates

KLM app will keep you informed about the newest developments in your journey. You can even get alerts about your bag’s whereabouts in real-time! Take your attention away from the departure displays, take a seat, and unwind.

Stay Up To Date

We’ll give you a push notification if there’s an update on your flight. Are you on the lookout for a good deal? In addition, the app will send you personalized travel offers!

Never Get Lost

To get to and from the airport, use our airport maps.

Check Your Flying Blue Miles

Easily manage your Flying Blue account. All in one spot, view your Flying Blue Miles, buy a reward trip, update your Flying Blue account, and view your digital Flying Blue card!

KLM Frequent Flyer Program

Members may earn miles on KLM Booking with Flying Blue, and they can also use Air France’s KLM World Elite Mastercard. Flyers may use their miles to buy full-fare tickets or shop online. Members may also contribute, purchase, transfer miles, and claim miles that have been lost.

In-flight Services of KLM

KLM cuisines are created in conjunction with some of the best chefs in the Netherlands. All World Business Class passengers receive a three-course meal, while European Business and Economy Class passengers receive meals based on the length of the journey. Marcel Wanders, a Dutch designer, collaborated with KLM to create all of the glassware on display. Before disembarking, passengers who have traveled by plane for more than two hours are provided “Stroop waffles.”

Up to 24 or 36 hours before departure, flyers can book special meals. On flights to India, China, South Korea, and Japan, KLM serves real Asian cuisine in all classes. In collaboration with Heineken, KLM introduces the world’s first onboard draught beer. KLM provides all World Business Class guests with a Delft blue traditional Dutch home, a replica of the original and filled with Dutch Genever.

Types of KLM Travel Classes:

KLM offers four different class configurations

World Business Class: KLM World Business Class has reclining chairs with a personal entertainment system with on-demand audio and video, a privacy canopy, a massage function, and power outlets for laptops and cell phones. The new Boeing 787 KLM design seat is based on Air France’s Zodiac Cirrus platform.

Europe Business Class: Short-distance business class on KLM and KLM City hopper is known as European Business Class. The business class seats offer more legroom and can recline, making for a more pleasant flight. Although the chairs have built-in electricity, there is no personal entertainment in the cabin.

Economic Comfort: KLM economy class is constructed in a separate cabin with reclining first economy class seats, allowing travelers to disembark the plane earlier than economy class. Economy Class travelers with full-price booked guests can order this service for free.

Economy Class: KLM Economy Class seats include adjustable wing headrests and a personal television, as well as an internal power supply and a satellite phone with an individual receiver that may charge to a credit card.

KLM Airlines Baggage allowance

Hand luggage

Economy: Even though there is just one unique item, one hand luggage has the largest dimensions of 55 x 25 x 35 cm (folder, PC, camera). The heaviest burden of all is 12 kg.

Business: Despite the fact that there is only one item, the first section has the largest size, 55 x 25 x 35 cm, and the second part has the smallest size, 45 x 20 x 35 cm. The total load capacity of all components is 18kg.

Checked- in

Economy: Intercontinental flights, as well as some European flights, are available. * 1 thing having a maximum length, breadth, height of 158 cm, and a maximum weight of 23 kg.

Individual Flying Blue Ivory: charge type Y or B; travel to/from Georgia, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus; travel inside Europe as part of an intercontinental journey and visit KLM customer service.

Economy: There are no gifts for checked luggage in continental Europe, Algeria, Israel, Morocco, or Tunisia.

Business: 2 items, each having the maximum size of 158cm and the heaviest weight of 32kg.

KLM Check-in Policy

Domestic Flights: Passengers can check-in online up to 24 hours before their flight.

International Flights: Passengers can check-in online up to 24 hours before their flight.

Manage Your KLM Airlines Booking

When a traveler books a flight with KLM Airlines, they wish to make things right somehow. KLM has everything under care, from seat upgrades to fast check-in for your reservation. Please use the official and valid website to finish the Manage KLM Airlines booking procedure. Here, it would be best if you used the procedures outlined below.

Steps for KLM Manage Booking

  • Firstly, open your Internet browser and go to KLM Airlines Official Reservations.
  • Select the My Trips option from the main page’s header.
  • Then, in the resulting form, provide the booking code and the Passenger’s last name.
  • After you’ve taken these measures, click the Search button to get the KLM reservation information.
  • Pick the KLM manage booking option when you reach the required area.
  • Then, you may find Upgrade Booking, Flight Cancellation or Change, KLM Rebooking, Online check-in, or any other service here.
  • Regardless of which service is chosen, you must do all required steps.
  • The main goal was to finish the KLM service and go to the order summary page.
  • To complete the transaction, you will be requested to make a payment.
  • As a consequence, you’ll get an email confirmation to your registered email address informing you of this. In addition, you may communicate with customer support to start and finish the managed buying process.

KLM Airlines Flight Change Policy

We all have to cancel or postpone plans from time to time in our lives. This change might occur for various reasons, including unforeseen circumstances, work that cannot stop, and so on. However, while flying with KLM Airlines, you need not worry since we have all the answers to your queries.

How to Change KLM Flight?

According to KLM Airlines policy, travelers may travel with KLM Airlines with greater flexibility when changing flights since there are no additional costs, and passengers can change their flights up to three times throughout the segment.

The flexibility of KLM Airlines change policy allows us to:

  • KLM will enable passengers to modify their flight tickets up to three times.
  • Passengers can change flights at any time and from any location on the planet.
  • If travelers modify their tickets within 48 hours of departure, KLM offers free flight adjustments.
  • You will be charged an extra ticket for the variation in route if the price of the adjusted trip is lower or higher than the original flight.

KLM Airlines Cancellation Policy

Cancelling a KLM flight booking is very easy. This procedure is unlikely to be accomplished without a thorough understanding of the policy. Use the key points offered below to learn more about this policy, which all of your passengers may utilize.

  • Full refunds are available for reservations made at least 168 hours before departure and cancellations made within 24 hours of booking.
  • You must go to the KLM manage booking or contact KLM customer service to cancel a flight.
  • Passengers can also earn reimbursement for canceled KLM flight booking, according to the cancellation rules.
  • KLM is well-known for having an option that permits you to be paid if the airline cancels your journey.
  • Credit vouchers or free flight rebooking are offered as compensation.
  • Cancellations caused by passenger illness, on the other hand, are fully reimbursed.
  • To cancel a KLM reservations made through an OTA, contact them to finish the process.
  • Contact authorized support if you need more information about KLM Airlines’ cancellation policy or other KLM manage booking services. You may obtain assistance at any time of day.

Onboard Customer Support

KLM accommodates passengers with specific requirements. Wheelchairs are available, as well as ground crew help at the airport during check-in. Passengers have the option of selecting the service that best meets their needs. The guidelines and regulations for pregnant women and parents of unaccompanied youngsters may be found on KLM airlines official site.

KLM Customer Service USA

Communication methods with KLM airline

By phone number : Passengers may be linked to a KLM airline agent via a phone number to remedy any issues over the phone. 

  • Firstly, go to the KLM airline’s official website, where you may find all the necessary contact information.
  • Call the customer support hotline for KLM customer service USA.
  • Then, on the next screen, press 1 to choose your favorite language.
  • To create a new reservation, press 2.
  • For details on any request, press 3.
  • Press 4 to speak with a representative from KLM airline.
  • The Passenger must then wait for the agent to connect.
  • Finally, Passengers may chat with individuals immediately and obtain accurate information about the situation once they are connected.

Connect on email :  If a passenger cannot talk with an agent over the phone, they can use this alternative, which allows them to send their request to the relevant email address and receive an answer.

Passengers can cancel their reservations by contacting the KLM customer service number or visiting the KLM airlines official site. There will be a penalty for any cancellations.

KLM Airline Pet Policy – Fly Your Dog or Cat Safely

Here’s all you need to know about the KLM pet policy, whether your pet will fly in the cabin with you or in the cargo hold.


In the cabin, you are allowed to bring one cat or dog. Because they’ll have to travel below the seat in front of you, your pet should be able to fit in a compact pet travel bag or cage with a maximum size of 46 x 28 x 24 cm. When combined with your pet, the travel bag or kennel must not weigh more than 8 kg.

In the Hold

In the hold, you can carry up to three pets. They can share a cage if their combined weight is no more than 14 kg each and meet the following criteria:

  • Two adult animals of equivalent size, or
  • Three animals up to 6 months old out of the same litter.

Make sure your pet and cage don’t weigh more than 75 kg together. On KLM flights, the kennel can be a maximum of 122 x 81 x 89 cm or a maximum of 102 x 69 x 76 cm.

KLM Infant Policy : Travel with kids

Children under the age of two (24 months) do not require their seats. However, you must notify KLM if you fly with a child on your lap.

Per adult, just one lap infant is permitted. According to KLM infant policy, if one adult is flying with more than one baby under the age of two, a seat must be paid for each additional infant.

You may also buy a seat for your baby as long as you have the appropriate child restraint device.

KLM Refund Policy : How To Request a KLM Refund?

Travel plans can occasionally be altered at the last minute. Flyer may be entitled to a refund or compensation if your plane was delayed or canceled or if your luggage was delayed or damaged as per KLM refund policy.

You may seek reimbursement of your ticket charges in the following circumstances:

  • If you did not take an alternate flight once your KLM flight was canceled.
  • You were presented with a modification in the Schedule Indicators and chose not to go.
  • If your ticket’s terms allow for a refund or exchange.
  • Your European flight was delayed for >=90 minutes and your return and departing flights were on the same day, your vacation was cancelled.
  • You canceled your KLM intercontinental trip since it was more than three hours late.
  • In the event of a passenger’s death or.
  • In the event of a visa denial.

Please be aware that requesting a refund will result in the cancellation of all flights in your reservation.

How to Get Refund from KLM Tickets?

KLM airline’s online refund system allows you to obtain cash returns for the portion of your trip that you did not use. This system determines whether you are eligible for a full or partial cash refund. You can also contact us through the KLM customer service number, but please be aware of a charge.

Within seven days, your request will be processed. Keep in mind that requesting a refund will result in the cancellation of all flights in your reservation. If your flight is booked in the future, we humbly ask that you apply for a refund as soon as possible. Otherwise, our cabin crew may still expect you to board, which may cause other passengers to be delayed in boarding.

How do I Choose My Seat: KLM Seat Selection?

Passengers can choose seats for their KLM reservation in one of the following ways:

To make KLM seat selection, contact KLM customer care department. You may contact the KLM customer service department by calling the helpline number or emailing the KLM customer service email.

Passengers have the option of selecting their seats while making online bookings. On the checkout page, you will have the option of choosing a seat. If you go forward with it, you’ll have to pay an extra fee.

If you seem unable to pick a seat when booking KLM airline tickets, you can make the necessary changes on the website’s My Trips section. Select the Change Flight option to alter your booking.

What are My Options for Utilizing my KLM Redeem Credits?

You can use your KLM redeem credits to pay for a new ticket or an additional choice at a later date without having to pay a booking charge. During the payment process, simply provide your voucher number. Your voucher number is made up of 13 digits and begins with 074. It’s in the email you got, and you may also find it on your profile.

When purchasing a new ticket and/or additional choices online, you can utilize an infinite number of vouchers as a payment method. You will not be charged a reservation fee. 

KLM Vacation Deals

KLM Airlines is known for its great flight prices to the seaside, town, bachelor, romantic, and ground excursions. Visit KLM’s official website for current and special deals on domestic and international destinations to get the greatest KLM Vacation Deals.

KLM holiday packages allow you to personalize a trip to your dream place on a budget. The airline has collaborated with the greatest hotels and car rental companies, providing you with additional savings and improved services.

Don’t hesitate to contact KLM customer Service if you want any more assistance in locating KLM vacation specials.

KLM Airlines FAQs

Is it possible to have your pet in the cabin with you on KLM?
KLM allows dogs on board. They follow a different set of restrictions than other airlines, allowing small dogs in both the cabin and the hold. From Africa to Europe, KLM flies to 600 locations.
Does KLM allow babies to fly for free?
We anticipate your infant will stay on your lap during the journey because you won’t be given a seat for the tiny one. This results in a significantly decreased ticket price for them.
How long does it take for KLM to provide a refund?
KLM states that refund requests are processed between 2 to 4 weeks.
Is it possible to select your seat on KLM?
During check-in, you have the option of selecting a regular seat at no additional cost. You may reserve a seat through My Trip if you want to ensure that your favorite seat is yours or if you would like a more comfy seat.
What happens if my KLM credit runs out of validity?
The coupon is good for a year on KLM. It can be used to book a ticket that departs after the voucher’s expiration date, and if it is not used within 12 months, a full refund will be granted.
What is the best way to contact a KLM representative?
Please visit KLM.CA or contact 1 860 590 8822 for assistance in changing or purchasing a ticket for urgent travel. If you have any other general questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through e-mail by filling out the support form; we will react as quickly as possible.
What are the KLM package deal booking terms and conditions?

These terms and restrictions apply to all passengers who have purchased or are considering KLM package offers.

  • This KLM package deal is valid for nations such as the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, or you might say these bargains are valid upon departure from these countries.
  • When you purchase a KLM package deal, you engage in a contract with Air trade, ANVR member, and SGR, which is responsible for the covered vacation.
  • Fairtrade will send you all your confirmed tickets and travel documentation through email.

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