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Turkish Airlines Booking

Planning to fly on Turkish Airlines? If you are looking for the desired flight deal to make Turkish Airlines Booking online, then you can use the comprehensive search engine integrated to the website to find the deal of your choice. The Airline features a wide range of flight deals and offers that would not let you drive a hard bargain.

Turkish Airlines serves 315 destinations across Europe, Asia, Africa, and both the continents of America (including South America and North America). it is the largest destination operating air carrier in the world.

Moreover, it also flies non-stop flights to more destinations than any other air carriers in Europe from a single airport. It also operates scheduled passenger flight to over 126 countries, which definitely make it an airline with extensive connectivity than any other airlines in the world.

Count on the destination you wish to fly, the probability of getting flight tickets are more than 99%. So, decide your destination and make Turkish Airlines reservations without wasting your time.

How to Make Turkish Airlines Reservations Online?

If you are willing to travel on Turkish Airlines flights and looking for low-cost Turkish Airlines booking flights Deals; then you must go ahead and browse through its official website to find Turkish Airlines flight options as per your preferences, as there are a plethora of cheap flight options featured on the website.

Travelers can make Turkish Airlines booking by searching flight using the search engine integrated to the website. If you are wondering how to find the deals that suit your preferences, then you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Launch the booking using any browser.
  • Click on “Book a flight” option
  • Click on any circle adjacent to options, including “Round trip,” “One way,” or “Multi-city.”
  • Enter the Origin Airport and then enter the Destination Airport
  • Select the “Dates” and “Cabin”
  • Enter the number of passengers
  • Further, click on the ” red arrow box.”
  • You would be redirected to the “Search Results.”
  • Select the flight option of your choice
  • Click on “Select this Flight”
  • Preview the itinerary
  • Further, click on “Continue.”
  • Enter the passenger’s details
  • Complete the payment.

If you are unable to find the deal of your choice, then you can contact the Airline through its dedicated Turkish Airlines reservations help desk.

Economy Class – The passengers traveling from Turkish Airline’s economy class are offered with many incredible in-flight amenities that include comfortable seating with wide legroom, amenity kit, unlimited in-flight entertainment, and delicious food as complimentary.

Business Class- Get ready for the premier hospitality offered by Turkish Airlines, as its business class guests are provided with maximum in-flight comfort, award-winning meals, access to luxurious lounge experience, priority check-in, and much more.

Baggage Allowances included in Turkish Airlines Flights Booking Fares

Alike in-flight amenities, the baggage allowance offered to the passengers depends on their fare type and cabin class selected at the time of Turkish Airlines booking.

Economy Class – The passengers are allowed to take only one piece of carry-on baggage with the weight limit of 8Kg, and that must not exceed the dimension criteria i.e., 55 x 40 x 23 cm. In case of check-in baggage, travelers are allowed to check-in with one piece of luggage with the weight limit of 20Kg.

Business Class- The passengers are permitted to take two pieces of carry-on baggage with the weight limit of 8Kg each, and that must not exceed the dimension criteria i.e., 55 x 40 x 23 cm. However, for check-in baggage, travelers are allowed to check-in with two pieces of luggage with a weight limit of 30Kg.

For more details, the passengers can connect with the expert available round the clock at the Turkish Airlines booking desk.

How do Turkish Airlines Manage Booking Works?

Managing your flight booking is as important as making a booking. You may need to make the desired modifications after confirming your reservation. The airline knows that changes are unavoidable and thus allow passengers to make any changes without any additional efforts.

To manage your booking, you are required to follow the simple steps.

  • On the homepage of the official site of the airline, click on the “Manage booking” option to manage your Turkish Airlines ticket reservation
  • Enter the passenger surname and ticket number. 
  • Click on the arrow button to proceed further.
  • Your booking will be opened on this page and you can make changes whatever you want. 

There are various benefits of managing your reservation, which are-

  • Date and name change
  • Flight changes or cancellation updates
  • Selection of your preferred seat
  • Request for extra services such as special meals, extra baggage allowance, and many more services.
  • Apply for a receipt of Turkish Airlines tickets
  • Watch and share the details of your booking
  • Request special ground services
  • Make changes to other personal and contact details

These services are offered by Turkish Airlines through the manage booking option. 

How to Contact Turkish Airlines Customer Service?

Facing any problems while using the services of Turkish Airlines? Want to get immediate guidance from the airline agents? Fret not and reach out to the representatives of the airline through its customer service number. Avail top-notch support from them and get rid of your issue within no time.

You can call them regardless of the time of the day and get their guidance regarding Turkish Airlines group booking, cancellation of your booking, knowing flight status, lost or damaged baggage, etc. 

There are other ways also to get in touch with airline experts like live chat or email, but the phone number of the airline is considered as the best method to talk to airline professionals. They are well-trained and never hesitate to help you.

Dial the airline’s phone number and have an interaction with the agent of the airline after following the voice prompts. He will ask you to share your concern with him. After listening to your query he will forward your call to the designated department.

Leave all your worries away and get help from the airline. Turkish Airlines customer service USA is available round the clock for your help. 

How to Stay Updated with the Turkish Airlines Flight Status?

After you book your flight with Turkish Airlines, it is important to get the status of your scheduled flight. To check the status of your flight, follow the quick steps mentioned below.

  • “Flight Status” option is available on the homepage of the airline’s official site.
  • You have four ways to check the status of your flight after completing Turkish Airlines Booking that are arrival, departure, flight no., and route. 
  • In case of the arrival, you have to enter the final destination. 
  • If you have chosen departure, add the origin destination.
  • Enter your flight number if you are checking the status through flight no.
  • If you have selected the route, add the origin and final destination. 
  • In all these cases, you have to enter the date of your travelling. 
  • Click on the “proceed arrow” after that. 
  • The status of your scheduled flight will appear on the screen. 

Apart from this, there is another way to be updated with the flight status, that is the phone number of the airline. Dial Turkish Airlines contact number and ask them about the status of your flight. 

In-flight Amenities of Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines offer the most impeccable range of amenities to its guests; one would be definitely convinced with the world-class hospitality of Turkish Airlines.

The services and amenities vary based on fare type and cabin class selected by the passengers at the time of Turkish Airlines online ticket booking. Those who are willing to inquire about the entitled amenities must confirm with the Airline’s designated representatives.

Turkish Airlines Booking In The Class Of Services.

As we all know, Turkish Airlines is one of the best airline companies globally that offers top-end airline services to its valuable passengers. The quality of travel class you get from Turkish Airlines is not comparable to any other airline company, and you will get the best facilities out there.

So, are you interested to know the details of its travel class? Do you want to know what you will get from its travel class? If yes, then check out the details mentioned below:

  • Let’s start with the Economy Class

Suppose you are the one who is looking to save your money in booking and thinking about getting the most affordable ticket yet with a luxurious experience. In that case, you should purchase the flight ticket of Turkish Airlines in Economy Class.

With the Economy Class in Turkish Airlines, you can save your money along with the best facilities. Several amazing benefits in its Economy Class can make your travel worth it, and you will indeed get the best comforts with special amenity kits. 

There is also a TV screen which can help you to get entertained while flying with Turkish Airlines. Also, you can find the charging point which will take care of your device battery. If you have kids with you, there are several movies and shows available to keep them busy.

  • Understand the facilities of its Business Class

The business class of Turkish Airlines gets full marks concerning its comfort and in-flight services. Here, in this travel class of Turkish Airlines, you will get complete automatic chairs which you can adjust as per your comfort and preferences. 

Also, the seats in business class include a high-tech massage system that will take care of your pain. There are also top-quality meals and have entertainment facilities. You will enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies while flying in the business class of Turkish Airlines.

There are lamps that help you read, and at night, you can transform your seat into a flatbed. You will also be offered earplugs, eye masks, and several more.

  • End with the First-Class.

The last but the most premium travel class in Turkish Airlines’ arsenal is the First-Class, and it is the most high-end travel class option available in First-Class after business class. You will get all kinds of amazing and luxurious facilities in this travel class.

Well, there are more services that you will get on these travel classes of Turkish Airlines. Here is more that you should know about the facilities and services that you will get on Turkish Airlines:

  • Best-in-class In-flight Entertainment.

If you are cruising at more than 30000 height, then to pass your time, you need to get the best entertainment facilities. For that, Turkish Airlines offers a huge collection of movies and TV shows, and you will also find a digital library with soulful music.

  • In-Flight Tasty Delicacies. 

The meals you will get on Turkish Airlines are as high-quality and premium as the meals of 7-star hotels. You will get several tasty delicacies while flying with Turkish Airlines. 

How to Book Stopover Turkish Airlines?

In the past, layovers used to mean only one thing that is a hassle. Direct flights were considered way better than connecting flights and everyone hated roundabout routing. Turkish Airlines stopover has changed the whole perspective and stopovers have become exciting.

If you are planning to travel with Turkish Airlines, then beautiful Istanbul would be your stopover; it is an awesome city. Passengers are allowed to book stopovers over 24 hours without any additional cost. Search over the internet “Turkish Airlines book flight” and confirm your booking by getting the right deal. 

While booking a flight ticket with Turkish Airlines, book a multi-city trip on the same fares as a standard round-trip, if Istanbul is in the middle. Like, to travel from New York to Bangkok, book a multi-city trip such as New York to Istanbul, then Istanbul to Bangkok.

On the return, just fly to New York without stopping.  Many airlines offer amazing stopover programs, but the program of Turkish Airlines is most generous. Give a call on the Turkish Airlines phone number if you want to know more details about the same.

Pick Turkish Airlines as your travel partner and have the most wonderful journey of your life. Turkish never fails to amaze its passengers with the incredible services and facilities.

Know about the Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy

With the decent cancellation policy of the airline, passengers can cancel their existing booking without any trouble.  Cancel your Turkish Airlines Booking within 24 hours of the original purchase and get a full refund back.

Some rules associated with this cancellation policy are-

  • You can get a refund on the cancellation of both refundable and non-refundable tickets if you are cancelling it within 24 hours.
  • Passengers will not find any refund for the ticket service fee.
  • You cannot cancel before one hour of the departure.
  • Travellers will not get refund after the take-off of your flight in the case of no-show. You can call on the Turkish Airlines booking phone number at any time if you want any information regarding the cancellation policy. 
  • Cancellation charges depends on your travel route, destination and the travel class in which you are flying.
  • You don’t need to pay any cancellation fee for the flexible flight booking. 
  • You can claim a refund for the flight change by airline. 
  • It may take seven business days for your refund to appear in your account. 

Keep these points in your awareness and cancel your Turkish Airlines booking within no time. 

Turkish Airlines Booking FAQ’s

Do Turkish Airlines give refunds?

You can cancel your ticket; however, the cancellation/refund conditions vary depending on the fee restrictions for each ticket type. My flights page will tell you which tariff regulations apply to your ticket. However, if Turkish Airlines cancels your trip, you will get a full refund, including the ticket service fee or a free flight change.

Call the Turkish Airlines customer service number to add value to your ticket. You can seek a voucher refund online at the Manage Booking page, or you can request by talking to someone at Turkish Airlines.

Are discounts available for the families of military personnel?
Only military personnel serving in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Peace Forces are eligible for a 15% airfare discount for spouses and children aged 2 to 12. This offer, however, is not available through or the Turkish airline mobile app. For further information, check the Turkish Airlines fare policies or contact Turkish Airlines customer service phone number using the information provided on the contact us page.
Can I buy tickets online for a group trip?
Turkish Airlines cannot offer group tickets online at or its mobile app. However, you can book tickets for up to 7 people on international flights and nine passengers on domestic flights using Turkish airline online channels. Flyers can connect to any Turkish airline partnered travel companies to purchase tickets for a larger party. Visit the Turkish airline official booking page for additional details.
Can I modify my booking information after I’ve made an online reservation?
  • It is not possible to make modifications to a booking via our website or mobile application.
  • If you use other methods the the airline will not return the ticket booking amount if modifications or cancellations.
  • You need to book your ticket within the time frame given. The reservation time is not extendable.
Do Miles baggage benefits apply to flights to the United States?
Elite and Elite Plus members can take one complimentary bag in addition to a normal bag. Please make certain that the entire length of this bag does not surpass 110 cm. Please keep in mind that Elite cards have the same value as Star Alliance Gold Level, usable on flights operated by other Star Alliance member airlines. This benefit is also available to Elite members when traveling with other Star Alliance member airlines. Please see our US luggage rules page for more details.
Which electronic devices can I use on Turkish Airlines?
You can use electronic devices that communicate with electromagnetic waves, such as cell phones and laptops, by turning on flight mode throughout all flight phases. Passengers need to switch off your devices while take-off. You can, however, utilise your electronic gadgets that aren’t covered by this policy. You must follow the cabin crew’s instructions for using electronic devices.
How long before you can check in with Turkish Airlines?
Self-service check-in begins 12 hours before your flight’s departure time and concludes 60 minutes before departure for domestic flights and 75 minutes for international flights. At our self-service kiosks, you may check-in up to 8 passengers with the same booking code (PNR) at once.
How do I speak to Turkish Airlines?
Contact Turkish Airlines Customer Service via Phone: Call 1 (800) 874-8875 to speak with a live customer service professional 24×7.
Is it possible to cancel my Turkish Airlines reservation?
Within 24 hours after booking, Turkish Airlines provides risk-free ticket cancellation. You can cancel your ticket for free under Turkish Airlines’ cancellation policy by calling 1 (860)-590-8822 or 1 (800) 874-8875 and receiving a full refund, regardless of the ticket type.
Is Turkish Airlines hand baggage weighed?
When the luggage you check in exceeds or approaches the free baggage allowance for the economy, which is 20-23 kg per bag, they will normally weigh your carry-on.
What is the Turkish Airlines cancellation fee?
Passengers can cancel or return their tickets with a TRY 300 penalty fee if their flight is less than 1-12 hours away. You will not face penalty for the flight is 12 hour late. Cancellations or refunds made 12 hours or more before the flight are not subject to a fee.
Is there a medical assistance service at the airport?
This is not a service offered by Turkish Airlines. However, you can make use of the airport’s medical facilities. Please see our website for travelers with a medical condition or handicap for further information.
What is the procedure for self-service check-in?

Turkish Airlines’ self-service kiosks contain a touch screen and simple menus to make them as easy to use as possible. To begin the check-in procedure, follow these steps:

  • Insert your Miles card or the card used to book your flight into the card reader.
  • You may also type in your e-ticket number or reservation code (PNR).
  • After you’ve chosen a seat, print your boarding card and finish the check-in procedure.
  • During check-in, the card you insert on the card reader is for identification reasons.
  • For further information, go to the Turkish Airlines check-in page or call the Turkish Airlines customer service number.

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