It is simple and safe to travel with dogs on Delta, and pets are welcome in all cabins, even the Basic Economy. Depending on the size of your pet, Delta airlines pet policy allows you to reserve a cabin or transport it in cargo.

What is Delta Airlines Pet Policy?

Transporting rules may differ and it entirely depends on the travelling country or destination. However, there may be situations where you cannot carry pets on some flights and at specific places. In certain cases, it is your duty to crosscheck information on pet travel and requirements.

However to make things a little easier, while booking your flights you can indicate whether or not you plan to travel with your pet, so that you can receive complete information.

If your pet is unable to fly on the same aircraft as you, Delta Pet Priority offers many choices for transporting your pet.

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Transport Rules 

  • There is restriction on chains, radio-labeled bands, choke dog collars, and muzzles on all Delta flights.
  • A few hours before check-in, give your pet simply a light meal and a little amount of water. Also, at the time of arrival, the customer is responsible for placing the pet into the Care Pod.
  • In writing, the customer must attest that they have given the pet food and water within four hours after check-in.
  • Before leaving for the airport, double-check the weather.
  • Remember to include any necessary papers, such as a health certificate and, if appropriate, a Certificate of Acclimation.

Pet Travel Solutions: Delta

The safety of customers and pets is the top priority at Delta. Delta Cargo has teamed with Care Pod to create a new standard for luxury air travel for dogs and cats, ensuring the highest quality and consistent service.

Pets are kept in a temperature-controlled cargo hold that is pressurized and ventilated. The Care Pod is crafted with protective walls to protect them from high temperatures and environmental conditions. They always offer water for dogs or cats under the airline’s continual surveillance and management.

When you book best-in-class Delta flights, Care Pods are included in your pet’s travel bookings. Furthermore, you have to simply choose your pet’s Care Pod when purchasing a pet ticket, and the airline will provide your pet with a clean, comfy Care Pod for the day.

Pet Age Requirement 

  • The minimum travel age is eight weeks. 
  • Each Care Pod may hold up to two dogs or cats of comparable size and a combined weight of fewer than 20 pounds from eight weeks until six months.
  • Maximum of one dog or cat per Care Pod if the dog or cat is six months or older.
  • To travel safely, animals must be completely weaned, self-reliant, and of appropriate strength and maturity.
  • On the same Care Pod, a mother is not allowed to travel with her puppies.

Pets Exception

In the case of animals, snub-nosed pets are not permitted on Delta or Delta Connection flights. Consult your veterinarian if you’re unclear about your pet’s breed or checkout Delta airlines pet policy.

On the same Care Pod, dogs and cats are not allowed to travel together.

Temperature Guidelines

Actual and predicted temperatures must be within the following parameters:

  • 80°F (27°C) Maximum 
  • 20°F (-7°C) Minimum 

While the animal is in Delta’s ownership, temperature limitations apply at all times when it is on the ground. Even if an animal stays in an offsite kennel for an overnight stay or a comfort stop, temperature limitations apply.

After the airplane arrives at its destination, owners can collect their pets in as little as 2 hours (domestic) or 4 hours (international).


  • Complete paperwork is mandatory for all live animals.
  • A medical certificate produced by a certified veterinarian within ten days of travel is required for any warm-blooded animals delivered domestically or abroad.
  • A health certificate is mandatory for birds traveling to and from overseas destinations.
  • All essential documentation must be in English and must be original.
  • For return travel the airline can accept the original certificate of health if your pet return is within 10 days of traveling round-trip inside the United States. Moreover, pet owners will have to present a fresh health certificate for the return voyage if this is not the case.
  • The pet owner is responsible for determining and adhering to all relevant local, state, and national entrance restrictions.
  • Certificate of Acclimation is mandatory if the expected temperature is between 20°F and 45°F during transportation.

Pet as Carry-on in Cabin

  • The pet carrier should fit under the seat in front of you.
  • While in a Delta boarding facility, a Delta airport couch, or aboard the plane, your pet must remain in the kennel.
  • For travel, a Leak-proof with ventilation apertures on both sides is a must.
  • Your pet carrier will be counted as one of your carry-on items. Aside from that, you are permitted to carry one personal item on the aircraft.
  • The maximum size of your carry-on carrier is directly dependent on your flight. Moreover, to choose the right container size, you must call Delta Pet Center.

Pet as Check-in in cargo

  • It is necessary to make a separate reservation from the flying itinerary. Additional fees and charges may apply.
  • Delta Cargo only accepts international pet shipments from reputable shipping firms.
  • Domestic pet travel with Delta Cargo is not available until 14 days prior to departure.
  • At least three hours before departure, you must leave your pet off at a Delta cargo location, and you should also pick them up at a Delta Cargo location.
  • Moreover, Pets are not guaranteed to be routed to the same airport or flight program as their owners.

Carrier Size & Dimensions

Cabins for Pets

The aircraft type determines the size of a pet carrier’s Delta. However, you may also contact the airline to confirm the size or go to the airport and buy a Delta-approved pet carrier.

Pets in the Cargo

Any size is OK for dogs in cargo as long as they can sit and stand comfortably in the carrier. 

You have the option of selecting one of the following dimensions:

  1. 68 cm x 50 cm x 48 cm
  2. 81 cm x 55 cm x 58 cm
  3. 91 cm x 61 cm x 66 cm
  4. 101 cm x 68 cm x 76 cm
  5. 122 cm x 81 cm x 89 cm

Does Delta have a weight limit for pets? Delta airlines pet policy

Two dogs or cats of the same size and breed can fly in the same cage under six months old and weigh less than 20 pounds apiece. However, both animals should be able to move around freely in the cage. Call Now for Delta airlines pet policy.

Does Delta Rent pet carriers?

Delta uses Care Pods to transport pets on Delta airliners, except for Boeing 767s and Airbus 330s (200 Series). Also, for more information, see Airplane size and weight limits. Delta Cargo has strict temperature restrictions and regulations for animal safety, so please check temperature guidelines before traveling.

Delta Pet Policy FAQs

Do I need to provide documentation to fly with my pet on Delta Airlines?
Yes, you need to provide legal documentation to fly with your pet on Delta Airlines. If you are going to travel with a trained pet, then you need to give a verified signed Veterinary Health Form, or you may have to share an immunization record.
You need to share any of these documents with the officials of Delta Airlines 48 hours prior to your flight departure and speak to its customer service anytime you want for more information. You will get complete information from the Delta customer service representative.
What certificates do I need to share with Delta to fly with my dog?

If you are looking to know about the certificates which you have to share with the officials with Delta Airlines to fly with your dog, then here is the info which will help you:

  • All forms and certificates are needed for your destination country.
  • A verified health certificate of your dog within ten days of your flight departure.
  • You also need to provide proof of rabies vaccinations for your dog.

To get more information related to the certificates, you can also take help from the customer service of Delta Airlines anytime you want.

Is it mandatory to provide a health certificate to fly with my dog on a Delta Airlines flight?
It is not mandatory to provide a health certificate to fly with your dog on a Delta Airlines flight. But, it only happens when your dog is travelling in the cabin class of Delta Airlines. But, you may have to provide your dog’s health certificate to Delta Airlines for some exceptional countries and states. If you want to get a list of countries and states where you need to provide a health certificate, you should communicate with its customer service.
Do I need to come with a pet carrier during check-in on a Delta Airlines flight?
Yes, during check-in to your Delta Airlines flight, you need to have the pet carrier with you. A Delta check-in agent will check the safety of your pet. The check-in agent will ensure that your pet has the needed utilities on its carrier. The customer service representative of Delta will also proffer you the requirements for the perfect pet carrier. Because sometimes, the wrong measure or pet carrier will lead you to cancel your pet flight ticket.
Can my pet sit on my lap while flying on a Delta Airlines flight?
No, you need pet carriers to fly with your pet on a Delta Airlines flight. It is mandatory to carry a pet carrier for your pet while flying on Delta Airlines. Suppose you are willing to find more information related to the pet policy, pet carrier, or restrictions. In that case, you should dial its toll-free number and instantly connect with its customer service anytime you need. The experts are 24/7 and 365 days available to help you with the best solutions.

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