JetBlue Airlines Pet Policy 

JetBlue has very severe laws and limitations when traveling with your pet, but they can guarantee a safe and enjoyable trip for your dog or cat. Before taking your pet on a plane, it’s critical to understand the airline’s rules; as a result, we’ve gone over the JetBlue pet policy in detail, as well as the most frequently asked questions like “Does JetBlue Airlines Allow Pets?” and “How strict is JetBlue with Pets?” and other information about JetBlue airlines pet travel or JetBlue airlines approved pet carriers. JetBlue accepts only 4 pets per airlines, so you must book in advance online or by calling 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583).

JetBlue accepts pets in the cabin on both domestic and international flights. Scroll down to discover more.

JetBlue Pet Guidelines

  • Your pet will be charged a cost of $125 for each trip.
  • Beginning July 20/21, carry-ons will be prohibited for Blue Basic passengers. With your pet and carrier, you can have one more personal bag.
  • Each flight is limited to four dogs, but you may reserve up to three slots in advance.
  • When flying with your pet, you may get 300 more points if you’re a True Blue member.
  • Your pet and its carrier are considered personal items and must fit beneath the seat in front of you. Their total weight must be less than 20 pounds.
  • When your flight itinerary involves a JetBlue partner airline, you will not be able to bring your pet.

Get Your Checklist Ready 

  • Vaccination and paperwork records.
  • Tags and a veterinarian certificate.
  • One Pet, One Carrier
  • Pet license.
  • Enough pet supplies to last the duration of your trip.
  • A leak-proof and well-ventilated JetBlue airlines approved pet carrier 

( To fly Pets/ dogs on JetBlue airlines, they must be able to stand up and move freely in their carrier. Both hard-sided and soft-sided carriers are permitted. )

JetBlue Airlines Dog Policy

JetBlue has a service called Jet Paws that provides pet owners with all of the tools and advice they need to travel with their dogs in comfort. At check-in, all pet carriers receive a complimentary JetBlue pet tag, information about pet relief places at the airport and the destination airport for dogs in need of a break, and advice to make the journey pleasant for everyone. JetBlue Airlines Dog Policy welcomes medium to big dogs.

Because JetBlue only admits four pets per trip, it’s critical to reserve your pet’s ticket as soon as possible. You can contact the Customer Service Team at 1-800-JETBLUE and inform a reservation agent that you want to travel with your pet. They’ll call you to confirm pet availability on the flights you’re interested in and book your ticket. Pets are limited to one per client, with exceptions given on a case-by-case basis.

Age Requirements:

Puppies and kittens must be at least eight weeks old to fly domestically.

Route Restrictions

Pets cannot travel to Jamaica, Barbados, St. Lucia, the Cayman Islands, or Trinidad and Tobago on JetBlue. On flights to and from Mexico, pets are allowed. On flights to St. Maarten, dogs and cats transiting through the United States from Central and South America are not allowed.

JetBlue Emotional Support Animal Policy

JetBlue has changed its policy on emotional support animals. As of Jan. 11, the airline will no longer recognize emotional support animals as service animals, and passengers with emotional support animals will be unable to book flights in the future.

JetBlue Service Animals Policy

JetBlue only allows assistance dogs that have been properly trained. All service animals must be under the handler’s control at all times, both in the airport and on the plane, and must be fastened, leashed, or otherwise tied. A JetBlue crewmember will assist to and from the animal relief facility upon request.

JetBlue Airlines Pets Criteria

JetBlue pet travel policy allows only small cats and dogs, and the combined weight of the pet and the carrier must not exceed 20 pounds (9kg).


JetBlue allows just one pet per person; however, they are willing to make exceptions in a few rare circumstances. The pets must remain inside the carrier throughout the ride, which must always be stowed under the seat and the door secured. 


Pets are not permitted to be transported as checked baggage or in the hold due to a shortage of oxygen and pressured air aboard the plane.

JetBlue Airlines Approved Pet Carrier

  • Carrier dimensions for dogs flying in the cabin must not exceed 17″ x 12.5″ x 8.5″ (43 cm x 31 cm x 21 cm). 
  • Carriers must have a leak-proof bottom and at least two adequately ventilated sides. 
  • Animals must stand and move freely within the carrier. 
  • Your pet and its carrier will be considered personal items.
  • If your airline does not match the requirements, you can purchase on JetBlue airlines approved pet carrier for $50 at JetBlue at the airport. 

JetBlue Airlines Pet Policy FAQs

How strict is JetBlue with pets?
Another restriction for JetBlue airlines pets while traveling is that they only accept one pet per person. If you’re transporting many pets, someone will need to accompany them on the flight. It’s also worth noting that JetBlue only admits four animals on any given aircraft.
Is it true that JetBlue does not accept large dogs?
In the cabin, JetBlue welcomes medium to big dogs. This airline, like others, allows passengers to have a big dog in the cabin on both local and international flights. You must observe the laws and regulations as well as study the company’s policy before traveling with a huge dog of a specific breed.
Is it okay for my dog to sit on my lap during a JetBlue flight?
Small pets are allowed in the cabin. In-cabin pets must remain in their kennel, which is stored beneath the passenger’s seat. Please check with your flight management to see if the in-cabin option is appropriate for your pet.
What Vaccines Does My Pet Require?
There are obligatory and optional vaccines for your pet depending on the location and the breed of the pet involved. Veterinarians will be able to advise you on what vaccines and treatments are essential, as well as which ones you should consider for your cat, dog, or other pet’s health.

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