Airlinesadvisor is subject to these Terms and Conditions, as well as any other written material that we may have brought to your notice throughout the process of completing your booking. Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully before using the airlinesadvisor website and making any bookings on it.

As a result of using the Site, you unconditionally agree to the Terms and Conditions set out therein. In the event that you do not agree with any of the Terms and Conditions, you will not be able to use the website or make a reservation.

Airlinesadvisor must receive all correspondence relating to customer service or your booking.


As soon as we receive your payment, we shall make arrangements for you to enter into a contract with the principal, such as tour operators and hotels. We will do this on your behalf when you make your reservation (s).

Neither we nor the principals or suppliers we represent are responsible for the actions or conduct of the principals or suppliers or the services they provide. You should carefully read the principal(s) or supplier(s) terms and conditions, as they include important information regarding your reservations. If you do not have copies of these documents, please request them.


In addition, passengers must verify that the hotel itinerary is valid and that all names and times match their passports. It’s possible that when tickets are issued, you can’t change them simply, and modifications may be subject to extra fees.

The principal(s) or the supplier will be contacted to confirm all information (s) on confirmation of a booking. Upon delivery, check all trip papers for accuracy of names, dates, and times and notify us promptly if any changes need to be made. The tickets are also non-transferable unless otherwise specified; they are neither refundable nor exchangeable.


At the time of booking, customers are asked to pay either a deposit or the entire cost. You must complete part payments on or before the due date. A failure to do so may result in the principal(s) or supplier canceling the booking (s). As a result, the company may charge a fee if you decide to cancel. Bookings are kept on behalf of the principal(s) or supplier(s) unless otherwise stated in the booking conditions.

All trip administrative charges are listed in USD.

Cancellation and Amendment

If you would want to cancel or modify your reservation, you must send us a written request. The principal(s) or supplier(s) may charge you a cancellation or modification fee if you cancel or change your booking in accordance with their terms and conditions (which may be at times 100 percent of the total cost).

Occasionally, we are required to collect additional taxes. Before the issuance/re-issuance of your tickets, you’ll be made aware of any other taxes that may be applied. There will be no refunds or cancellations made by airlinesadvisor or its primary or supplier.


Many principals or suppliers may need you to have enough travel insurance to cover you and your group as a condition of booking with them. Please check with your local embassy or the Foreign and Commonwealth Office before purchasing a travel insurance policy in certain places. If you cancel your trip, you and your party may be covered for the cost of assistance (including repatriation) in the case of an accident or sickness, loss of baggage and money, and other costs.

Delivery of Documents

All papers that need to be mailed to you will be sent to you by regular postal service. Airlinesadvisor would not be held responsible for papers lost after being sent to you unless our fault caused the loss. You shall meet all costs for reissuing the tickets or other papers in such cases. If required, you may request delivery by another method. As a result, there may be additional expenses.


You’ll receive an email confirmation from airlinesadvisor once your booking has been confirmed. Please remember that this email is merely an acknowledgment of your purchase. The airline will issue the final confirmation after confirming the service you requested from the principal or supplier.


If you have a complaint, airlinesadvisor can help. For further information, you may contact our Customer Service. Any questions or complaints about your travel arrangements should be directed to the principal(s) or supplier(s). An issue that arises while on vacation must be notified immediately to the principal/supply, their local supplier or agent, or both. 

If you do not follow this method, your complaint will be less likely to be investigated and resolved. In other cases, your compensation may be decreased, or you may not get any at all. You should contact the principal/supplier if you have any complaints upon your return. In any confirmation paperwork we provide you, you’ll notice the name and address, as well as contact information.

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