How to Redeem Miles With Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Program?

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Program is for everyone who is a frequent flyer to destinations in Alaska and other transportation hubs such as New York City, Canada, Costa Rica, etc. Alaska Airlines is one of the very few airlines that have partnered with around 23 other airlines where you can get benefits from the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan. You get points every time you travel with either Alaska or its partnered airlines. But people wonder how to redeem these points and where. In this blog, we have mentioned all the possible ways you can use these points earned. 

How to Redeem Miles With The Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Program

You can redeem Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan points in the following ways: 

  • Book Flights
  • Book Hotels
  • Cabin Upgrade

Redeem Miles With The Alaska Airlines

If you want to redeem miles on an Alaska Airlines Flight, you need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of Alaska Airlines
  • Click on the option “Book,” available on the top left corner of the page.
  • Next, you need to enter the asked details, such as your departure location and date, arrival location and date, number of adults traveling, and the number of children traveling (if any).
  • Now, to use your points, select the option “Use Miles” available on the same page on the left side of your entered details.
  • All the flights available for your journey will display on your screen.
  • Select the flight that you find the best, and then click on the continue option.
  • The site will direct you to the payment page. Here, all your available miles and the award chart for your flight will display. 
  • The redeeming cost of one point is 1.1 cents each. 

Redeem Miles With Partner Airlines

Alaska Airlines has partnered with many alliance and non-alliance airlines for the benefit of their customers. However, you can’t redeem points with every flight of partnered airlines. Each of these airlines have their own award chart. If the flight you want to travel with doesn’t appear on their award chart that means you can’t use these miles on that respective flight. The best to get the maximum benefits of these flights is by booking international flights with Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Points.

Along with that, you cannot combine two or more flights. Another thing to look out for is mixed cabins. Sometimes, there are flights available only for domestic leg flights, but the chart shows flights available for international travel as well. In that case, you need to look out for the small symbol of a seated person in blue beside the flight.  

Redeem Miles While Booking a Hotel

You can also redeem Alaska Airlines miles while booking a hotel. There are more than 4,00,000 hotels where you can put these miles to use. The best way to get the maximum benefits out of these miles is by making a payment with Alaska Airlines Signature Credit Card. This way, you can get additional benefits on your booking, such as better discounts,  and save more miles for further use. 

Redeem Miles For Cabin Upgrade

If you have miles in your account and want to travel more comfortably with Alaska Airlines, you can use these miles to upgrade your flight to first-class booking. The number of miles required to upgrade a flight to first-class is 15,000. In case you don’t want to use miles for upgrading, you can always pay for the same in money. The upgrade fees depend on the distance of your flight that usually ranges between $29 to $199. 

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Phone Number

If you are having trouble booking a flight or redeeming your mileage points by yourself, you can take the help of the customer care executive at Alaska Airlines. To contact the customer care center of Alaska Airlines booking, you can give a call on 1-800-654-5669. The Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Customer Care number is available from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Login

If you are wondering how to see your available miles, here are the steps you need to follow to log into your Alaska Airlines Mileage Points. 

  • Go to the official website of Alaska Airlines
  • Click on the Sign in option available on the top right corner of the website.
  • Enter your details; username and password. 
  • If you own an Alaska Airlines Credit Card, the miles you own will appear right below your name. 
  • In case, you don’t remember your account number, call on Alaska Airlines Frequent Flyer Customer Care number and they will help you by asking for a few of your personal details. 

 The Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan program was introduced by the airlines in 1983. After that, the airlines started partnering with other airlines and now they have successfully partnered with 23 other airlines. The Mileage plan of Alaska Airlines has been successful over the years and is very beneficial for its passengers. So, when traveling with Alaska Airlines, remember that you earn points whenever you choose to travel with Alaska.

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